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The best gaming accessories for people with disabilities

The best gaming accessories for people with disabilities

Here are some specific controllers that make games more accessible.

The best gaming accessories for people with disabilities

Rocky Stoutenburgh, who goes by RockyNoHands, is one of the best gamers out there. He has two Guinness world records and is one of the top QuadStick players in the world.

He's a genuine Esports celebrity and wouldn't get the same enjoyment from games without specialized equipment.

According to the charity organization AbleGamers, there are around 33 million gamers with disabilities in the United States.

Here are some of the best adaptive gaming accessories to make gaming more accessible.

The QuadStick

The Quadstick is a mouth operated joystick made specifically for quadriplegics. It converts the sensor inputs into outputs through Bluetooth.

There are three versions: the QuadStick FPS, the Singleton, and the Original. The FPS is the highest-end version. It has four sip and puff sensors and a lip position sensor that can be assigned any game controller axis or button. The other two versions are less expensive, and the mouth sensor has strong centering springs which may not be the best choice for those with reduced lip strength.

Here's how it looks in action:

The Xbox Adaptive Controller

This controller was designed by Microsoft specifically for accessibility. At first glance, it almost looks like a practice pad for drums, with two large black buttons on its surface. It has ports in the back that correspond to all the different buttons on a regular controller, which can be controlled through switches. Adaptive joysticks can be connected through a USB port. All of the buttons are mappable using the Xbox Accessories app.

It can also attach to a large variety of mounts. While the controller was made for Xbox, there are ways to connect it to the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation.

Here's a video of the controller:

The 3dRudder

The 3dRudder is made specifically for virtual reality gaming, allowing for a full range of motions using only feet. It allows for full-motion control by turning, pressing, and rotating feet. While the peripheral wasn't created specifically for adaptive gaming, it can be used for that purpose.

The rudder easily plugs into the Xbox adaptive controller and can become the left or right stick of a gamepad.

Here's a video of how it works:

Logitech Adaptive Gaming Kit

Logitech, a company that makes peripherals for electronic gaming, created an adaptive gaming kit catered to the Xbox Adaptive controller.

It has 12 plug and play triggers that are light touch, pressure-sensitive, and feature both small and large buttons. The triggers and buttons can be labeled. It also comes with a game board, plus hook and loop ties.

Here's the story behind it:

Axis Controllers

Blue Tip Gaming is a company that makes high-end equipment for gamers. The Axis controller line is designed with adaptive gaming in mind.

It features everything in one compact space, including large colored buttons and numerous joysticks. They're especially useful for gamers with limited wrist and finger function.

A gamer using an Axis controller. Source: Blue Tip Gaming - Millenium
A gamer using an Axis controller. Source: Blue Tip Gaming

Image source: Shot Callers Esports


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