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How to play Cyberpunk 2077 on Stadia

Since December 10, Cyberpunk continues to be talked about (for good and bad). However, it seems that Google's cloud gaming Stadia is enjoying great success since some versions didn't have the expected result.

How to play Cyberpunk 2077 on Stadia

With the recent announcements made by CD Projekt and the intensive refunds of the PS4 and Xbox One versions, Stadia has managed to get out of the game with an exclusive offer. This operation allowed you, with the pre-order or the purchase of the game from the Polish studio, to receive the Stadia Première pack for free with a Chromecast Ultra and a Stadia controller.

Building on their success, Google had to stop their offer prematurely. This was to end on December 18, but given the large number of purchases, the American firm admitted that it no longer had stock. For players who have acquired Cyberpunk 2077, on Stadia before December 14 at 1 a.m., they will receive an email with a promotional code within 7 days of their acquisition:

Hello, due to many users who took advantage of the promotion, we have now closed Cyberpunk 2077 promotion in all countries. If you have placed an order before 4:00 p.m. PST on December 13, you are eligible for the promotion and will receive a code within the next 7 days to receive your Premiere Edition.
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How to play Cyberpunk on Stadia

  • Go to the site: then click on “Connect” at the top right. If you have a Google account you just have to identify yourself otherwise you will have to create one.
  • After choosing your avatar, your stadia name and setting the confidentiality related to your account, you must subscribe to the free trial of Stadia Pro for 1 month. Stadia Pro allows you to enjoy games in 4K, have free games, but also get a voucher of 10€ that you can use towards the acquisition of your first game (eligible with Cyberpunk 2077). Note that you can terminate Stadia Pro at any time and continue to enjoy the games you have purchased up to 1080p 60 FPS.
Also playable on computer, Android device and TV. - Cyberpunk 2077
Also playable on computer, Android device and TV.
  • Once the previous steps have been completed, all you have to do is click on the “Store” tab. You will find Cyberpunk 2077 at the top of the bill. If this is not the case, go to the "All games" section and click "Show all". You will find all the games in alphabetical order. Select Cyberpunk 2077.
  • You access a description of what the game contains. You can see a "Buy" button with the price of the game. You just have to click on it and enter your payment method (if you don't have done it previously). After validation of the platform, instead of the "Buy" button, it will be written "Play". You will be able to enjoy the game by clicking on the button without needing to download it.

Concretely what does Cyberpunk 2077 look like on Stadia?

We tested the version of Cyberpunk 2077 with the Stadia Pro subscription and thus enjoy 4K without Ray Tracing. You will have the choice in the game settings between two modes: "High frame rate" or "Graphics". If the first ignores the beauty of Night City to get us closer to constant 60 Fps (while remaining pleasant for the retina of course), the second mode allows to sublimate the game and obtain a very close version (even almost similar) to that of the Xbox Series X, running at 30 Fps. It's thanks to the latter that we feel a greater speed in the display of textures and light effects a little more present.

Unfortunately, we see that the bugs are still present. But the recent patches, deployed a few days apart with the PC versions, make it possible to take better and better advantage of the game in its cloud version (2 days of delays for patch 1.04). It should be noted that if you want to play on a PC, with Stadia, we recommend the use of Google Chrome, because through different browsers, latencies can be felt. After more than 10 hours of games including 5 hours on PC and 5 hours on TV, the rendering is better on the TV screen (maybe the Chromecast Ultra which improves the image?).

Stadia is therefore an excellent compromise for players who don't have an adequate PC to fully enjoy the experience (and if you have fiber). Thanks to Cyberpunk 2077, Google is back in the spotlight and shows that it's back and ready for the year 2021. The recent announcements made by the French publisher, Ubisoft, show that Stadia wants to conquer a new audience and erase his failed start.

Original content by Matthias "Anziaz" Vallet.

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