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Valorant: Jett Guide — Skills, Tips and more)

Valorant: Jett Guide — Skills, Tips and more)

A member of the original roster, Jett is one of the most challenging but rewarding Agents in Valorant. Learn everything you need to know about her using our guide.

Valorant: Jett Guide — Skills, Tips and more)

Even from the first beta, Jett felt like a great character and quickly became one of the most used ones. She offers extreme mobility options which increase her survival skills and the chance to do crazy plays.

Pro players use her regularly and it's pretty easy to understand why. She has two mobility skills — Tailwind and Updraft — a smoke that she can use for hiding or making entrances, and an ultimate so powerful that no weapon has a chance against it.

Jett's abilities


For free


By holding down the jump button, Jett slows the fall creating a glide effect.


Cost: 200

Loads: 3

Releases a cloud of mist that obscures vision. By holding down the skill button you can alter the trajectory of the throw by moving the mouse. Each smoke lasts 4.5 seconds once deployed.


Cost: 150

Charges: 2

Jett propels herself vertically, achieving a very high jump.


For free

Charges: 1

Instantly propels Jett in the direction she's moving. In case of remaining static, it will be forward. The skill recharges automatically after two kills.

Blade Storm

Necessary charges: 7

Equip five high-precision blades that recharge when killing an opponent.

Left Click : Throw a single blade with perfect precision.

Right Click : Throw all the remaining blades at once.

Character role and gameplay

According to Mixwell, one of the best Jett pro players and member of G2 Esports, Jett is a character with impressive movement skills and the ability to take big rewarding risks by breaking into the enemy team. Nonetheless, she's not an easy Agent and being able to control her properly will need a quick mindset.

Jett is best used when going aggressive, because she has the natural ability of creating advantage by appearing in uncommon areas using her skills. Being surprising while controlling Jett is one of the main keys for having successful with her. Plus, it's worth mentioning that Jett continues to be at the top of any Tier List since the game's launch.

Source: G2 Esports - Valorant
Source: G2 Esports

Tricks and tips


  • If you keep the launch key pressed, you can select the area in which the smoke screen will unfold. In case of risk, use it from the other side of a wall to cover the area where you think the enemies are.


  • Excellent skill to gain new heights and shoot enemies from areas that they aren't expecting. Also, it can be helpful to save yourself in some situations.


  • Enter quickly to conflicting areas and try to get at least one kill. It can be used defensively, too, by doing quick escapes to other rooms or areas.
  • Perfect to gain even a small advantage while not having much credits to buy weapons or other skills.

Blade Storm

  • If the rivals are close, use the right click to use this skill as a shotgun. Otherwise, it's recommended to throw the blades individually.
  • Combine this ability with all her movements skills. Use Tailwind for a quick and unexpected shot, for example.
  • Even if you don't have any credit to buy any gun, you can win an entire round on your own with a bit of luck.
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