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New World: Furnishing Guide

A crafting skill that will provide you with all types of furniture for your new home in Aeternum, here's all you need to know about the Furnishing Trade Skill in Amazon's New World.

New World: Furnishing Guide

Fusnishing is one of the Crafting Trade Skills in Amazon's new MMO, New World

There's no prerequisite to getting started with this skill, just take the raw meats, herbs and spices you've gathered to a Workshop in a Settlement and off you go.

Be mindful that you'll need a higher level Workshop to craft better furnishings, so make sure you visit a Settlement which has leveled up its workstations.

Is Furnishing for me?

New World offers players the chance to own their own homes in Settlements, and you can decorate them with anything you craft using the Furnishing.

Homes aren't just aesthetic though, as they allow you to add items that store a greater amount of items. Trophies, crafted through Furnishing, can add some incredibly crucial buffs to your adventuring, too. 

However, Furnishing is a profession that requires patience to max out, given the resource cost is pretty astronomical. You'll need all the gathering trade skills, especially Logging and Mining, and a lot of time.

Furnishing: Most notable items to craft

Without taking into account leveling Furnishing, the most important items to craft are those that directly aid in your adventure.

In particular, this includes the various Trophies and Storage Chests. 

Mining Gathering Trophy

Loot Luck Trophy

Corrupted Combat Trophy

Fishing Gathering Trophy

Lost Combat Trophy

Armoring Crafting Trophy

Arcana Crafting Trophy

Logging Gathering Trophy

Skinning Gathering Trophy

Ancients Combat Trophy

Angry Earth Combat Trophy

Harvesting Gathering Trophy

Wildlife Combat Trophy

Engineering Crafting Trophy

Cooking Crafting Trophy

Storage Box

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