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Railgun Fortnite: where to find this weapon in season 2 of chapter 3?

Railgun Fortnite: where to find this weapon in season 2 of chapter 3?

This week, futuristic IO weapons are in the spotlight! Several weekly quests will require you to pull the trigger on your Railgun, a rare and powerful weapon. We show you where to find one easily.

Railgun Fortnite: where to find this weapon in season 2 of chapter 3?

Last straight line for the current Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2! For this final week, the theme is the return of the futuristic weapons of the Imagined Order. There are therefore some guns that Dr. Slone used to shoot down the alien ships, during the previous chapter.

Several temporary quests, heavily rewarded in experience points, will ask you to use a Railgun .

Where to find a Railgun?

Until May 31, the Railgun will be available in game as well as the classic weapons of the season. In other words, you can find them in the most basic chests or on the floor.

How to properly use a Railgun?

The Railgun falls into the category of sniper rifles. It fires a laser beam that has the power to pass through player buildings . It is in fact a weapon that was designed for the original Battle Royale, and not for the Zero Build, even if you can use it in this game mode.

Railgun Stats

  • Damage: 85 / 89 / 94
  • Rate of fire: 1
  • Magazine size: 1
  • Cooldown: 3 / 2.85 / 2.7

The Railgun will be found relatively easily during the following days, but we still recommend that you land in a locality or a large notable place, preferably far from the path of the combat bus. You will then have less chance of being challenged by enemies. The Railgun being a sniper rifle, the best way to inflict damage with it is to find a position in height, and wait for vulnerable targets.

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