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LoL Guide, Build for Brand, Support, S10

LoL Guide, Build for Brand, Support, S10

Brand Support League of Legends Guide S10 - Find our tips, items, and runes to play the Burning Vengeance who costs 4800 Blue Essences.

LoL Guide, Build for Brand, Support, S10


League of Legends


Brand is an aggressive support with significant damage output. His chain of spells can be devastating, and he can kill enemies in one go. Because of this we'll focus on maximising his magic damage in this build. The main choices between core items are as follows:

Void Staff vs Rylai's Crystal Scepter vs Liandry's Torment

Rylai's Crystal Scepter

The most essential item for Brand. Its passive is ideal, slowing enemies in order to facilitates landing his skillshots. The Scepter also gives health, which allows Brand to survive longer in team fights.

Void Staff

As the game progresses, your enemies will build more magic resist. The Void Staff overrides this protection, and preserves the colossal damage Brand causes in team fights.

Liandry's Torment

A very powerful offensive object, the combination of Brand's Passive - Blaze and the passive of Liandry's Torment will produce a lot of damage over time and make it possible to secure kills.

How to Play Brand

Brand is an aggressive support that has a very high poke capacity and terrifying damage to win skirmishes.

  • Level 1: Choose W - Pillar of Flame to poker your opponent.
  • Level 2: Choose Q - Sear. This now allows you to perform your stun combo.

Brand has huge area damage that he can combine with stuns onto enemies. At first, start by attacking your opponents with your W - Pillar of Flame in order to reduce their health. Try to get to Level 2 before your opponents (the death of the 9th minion in your lane achieves this) then surprise them by chaining your W - Pillar of Flame and Q - Sear — this will stun the enemy and potentially securing the kill with your Passive - Blaze damage over time.

Nevertheless, Brand remains a fragile character, so pay attention to your opponent. You can quickly be punished for bad positioning. Be hyper aggressive, and feel free to use your spells at every opportunity. Your role is to exert constant pressure on the enemy ADC in order to make him miss as many minions as possible, which in turn allows your own ADC to farm in peace and establish a CS advantage.

Brand excels in team fights. His ultimate is super powerful if your enemies are grouped — your W - Pillar of Flame inflicts area damage alongside your E - Conflagration. In addition, if enemies do not pay attention to Brand's Passive - Blaze, the damage can be devastating. It is essential that your R - Pyroclasm lands all its bounces onto enemy champions. Brand gives a feeling of being overpowered, but don't get too excited and pay attention to your positioning — you remain a fragile champion, and your only way to escape a difficult situation is your Flash.


Tahm Kench

Tips & Tricks

  • Each spell has a different effect or is amplified if it hits a target which is ablaze. Proper management of this function is essential.
  • Because of the long cooldowns of Brand's spells, you will need to be patient and cast spells at the right time
  • Try to apply Passive - Blaze to as many enemies as possible before using your R - Pyroclasm, so as not to lose a bounce on a surrounding minion or neutral monster.
  • Brand's auto-attacks are fast, and very useful given the long cooldowns of his abilities.
  • In order to easily place your W - Pillar of Flame, it is best to first stun your target with E - Conflagration followed by Q - Sear.

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