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LoL: Is League of Legends Dev Blog teasing the arrival of Yone?

LoL: Is League of Legends Dev Blog teasing the arrival of Yone?

In Riot's last Dev Video, Ryan "Reav3" Mireles is talking about their plans for 2020. He mentions Fiddlesticks and Volibear reworks but also teases the arrival of two champions. One seems to be Yone, Yasuo's brother...

LoL: Is League of Legends Dev Blog teasing the arrival of Yone?

In Riot Games' last video, Lead Producer on the Champions Team Rian "Reav3" Mireles discusses the recent releases and reworks of the League of Legends universe.

Sett has just been released yesterday, and some of you may have even tried it out already. In one of our last articles, we were wondering what was the use of the "Sett's Calling Card", this item obtained after obtaining several First Blood over some games. We know have the answer: it allows you to get the Boss, for free.

Reav3 also mentions Fiddlesticks' rework, and some videos published on the Dev Blog already showcase what we can expect...

Pretty scary, isn't it?

We also learned a bit more about Volibear's rework, and while we still don't have more information about his future abilities, Reav3 explained that the Champions Team struggled to ally their original concept of savagery to the "Eldritch Horror" theme asked by the community.

For this reason, Riot Games decided to do something both completely unique and crazy: when Volibear's rework will be released, all players that already own the champion or purchase him during this period will receive an "Eldritch Horror-themed" skin... for free.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games - League of Legends
Photo courtesy of Riot Games

However, the real teasing of this video was yet to come. Reav3 is talking about the two upcoming champions. The first one, a Jungler, seems to fit the description of Par'Xzi that leaked a few weeks ago, but we're still lacking information to be sure about that.

About the second one, Reav3 distilled some clues in his speech, mentioning a champion "that refuses to die". He also explained that Riot Games' strategy was now focusing on transforming characters that are already present in Runeterra's lore into champions. Kai'Sa but also Senna are good examples of such philosophy.

The second champion is described as a "masked stranger", and Reav3 mysteriously said that "some demons should remain in our past". It might be making a reference to Yone, since he was killed by his own brother, Yasuo.

Do you feel this clue might lead to another character? The comment section is yours, feel free to post your own interpretation there!

New champion leak? Par'Xzi — where Ivern meets Kha'Zix

Sett hasn't even been released, yet it appears the next League of Legends champion has seemingly already leaked — he's apparently called Par'Xzi, and is destined to be a jungler.

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