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LoL: Will Soraka get struck by the nerf hammer?

LoL: Will Soraka get struck by the nerf hammer?

After a weekend dominating the top lane of League of Legends, Senior Champion Designer August 'August' Browning recently announced that the Starchild might face a nerf in an upcoming patch.

LoL: Will Soraka get struck by the nerf hammer?

While Soraka is a classic support champion keeping her team healthy she can quickly become a demon when played in the toplane. Thanks to a very strong kit granting her infinite sustain, she can stay in lane for extended periods of time — something that makes her incredibly strong in the current toplane meta. She is also very good at poking and keeping the enemy at bay using her AOE silence and root.

Playing Soraka in the toplane was already a thing for some adept of the Starchild but it really started to be popular in Solo Queue after G2 Esports displayed her strength in their recent matches against Origen and Vitality. Whether it's against Ornn or Rumble, Martin ‘Wunder’ Hansen already demonstrated twice during the second week of the LEC how strong the horned healer can be.

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However, being under the spotlight sometimes do more harm than good. Indeed, August ‘August’ Browning spotted how "overpowered" she is and explained on his personal stream that players should expect her being nerfed in the upcoming patches.

"It’s going to have to be nerfed. Its win rate is like 56-57%, it’s just overpowered [...]" said August. "It’s cool that characters can go in other lanes, but Soraka top — it’s like 56% win rate, it’s super-giga-powerful."

How should it be nerfed is not sure yet, Soraka's winrate is stable at the moment in the support role but seems overpowered as a top laner.

Hopefully, our horned support will stay playable in the bot lane to prevent Yasuo's players from ending up the laning phase in 0/17/0. With patch 10.3 around the corner it's more likely to see changes on the Starchild later this month — meaning we could see her shine a bit longer on the competitive scene.

How do you think Soraka could be nerfed without impacting her support abilities? Feel free to drop your answer in the comment section below!

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