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Riot Games' Project A details revealed

Riot Games' Project A details revealed

Announced during the League of Legends 10th Anniversary broadcast, Riot Games' mysterious Project A has already been playtested by many players, streamers, and journalists. Some have already shared their first impressions.

Riot Games' Project A details revealed

Screenshot courtesy of Riot Games.

Ever since its announcement, Project A has been widely anticipated by the community — not only by the FPS community, but fans of League of Legends too.

During Riot's 10th Anniversary celebration, the first footage of gameplay was revealed, as well as interviews with team members on a game being developed by people who previously worked on Halo, Counter-Strike and Call of Duty.

A month ago, players, influencers and journalists had the opportunity to test Project A at Riot Games' Dublin office. While their complete previews are still under non-disclosure agreements, some have leaked minor details about the game.

According to these snippets, Project A has a lot in common with Counter-Strike. As for the release date, we have no information on that yet — but we could be heading towards a release later this year.

Overview of what we know


  • On March 2 we'll have (a lot?) of new information coming from video game sites including the name of the game
  • There are several maps
  • There are several heroes/classes


  • Abilities usually have to be bought with money at the beginning of rounds
  • Abilities can be retained if not used
  • Abilities won't be the main source of damage

Details of the game modes:

  • Project A is a Tactical Shooter (similar to CS:GO)
  • Two modes in 5vs5: Bomb Defusal and Search & Destroy
  • Matches are Bo24 — 12 rounds per side (15 on CS:GO)
  • Two bombsites so far named A and B with a side change halfway through the game
  • Maps are well designated and follow the overall CS:GO model


  • A headshot with a one-shot rifle usually no matter the class or the hero (similar to R6)
  • A very low "time to kill" — meaning it takes a short time after two opponents meet for one of them to die
  • There're different elements for each class/hero, similar to Overwatch or Apex Legends
  • Gameplay and the weapon in hand sensations seem to be great
  • Movement speed may seem a bit slow

In-game economy:

  • You can buy weapons and abilities every round
  • All classes have access to the same generic weapons

Economic model:

  • They seem to be planning a free-to-play launch, selling only cosmetics


  • The launch will be on PC first and then on consoles


- Pastebin concerning the answers that nookyyy (former CS:GO and CSS pro player for mousesports) would have given on his stream concerning his game session.

- Video from HITSCAN based on the feelings and observations of Vadim and Henry G.

- Video from MissRageLoL on her feedback and observations.

- Video from Ron Rambo Kim after his Project A test at Riot Games (the video is the oldest one).

Project A, the new competitive FPS from Riot Games

League 10 has provided yet another new game announcement from Riot Games — this time Project A, a first-person shooter (FPS), not set in the League of Legends universe.

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