LEC Spring Split 2020 Power Rankings
LoL: LEC Week 6 Power Rankings: Clash of the Titans

With three teams at the top of the standings as Week 7 kicks off, the race for the title is as close as it comes. This week, G2 Esports will face both Fnatic and Origen — will they come out on top?

LoL: LEC Week 6 Power Rankings: Clash of the Titans

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Even with three teams at the top of the rankings in the League of Legends European Championship, the spotlight is on Excel Esports, MAD Lions and Rogue as they fight for their spot in the LEC Spring Split Playoffs!

1 — Fnatic

Week: 2 - 0

LEC Rank: 1

It was another week of brilliant League of Legends from Fnatic. With a dominant game against Misfits (thanks to a surprising Veigar mid) and great mid-jungle synergy in their victory over Schalke 04 — even after a missed teamfight — they're still top of the pile.

2 — G2 Esports

Week: 2 - 0

LEC Rank: 1

A surprisingly effective Senna-Taric combo in the botlane and a dominant Taliyah-led win against SK Gaming means it looks like G2 are back to their usual selves.

3 — Origen

Week: 2 - 0

LEC Rank: 1

Origen seemed a little nervous this week, especially in their match against Schalke 04 that could easily have been lost.

Origen then went on to defeat Rogue in a drawn-out game with little aggression, something quite typical when these sides meet. Origin may have went 2-0, but aren't wholly convincing compared to their rivals.

4 — Misfits Gaming

Week: 1 - 1

LEC Rank: 4

Largely dominated by Fnatic, Misfits fell back from the leading pack without much of a fight. With three straight losses before a tough win against SK Gaming, it's hard to say whether Misfits still belong at the top.

5 — Rogue

Week: 1 - 1

LEC Rank: 5

Rogue are undoubtedly the best team in the chasing pack, but have yet to reach the level of the leaders. This week, they beat Playoff rivals Excel in an important match. Rogue's match against Origen was a relatively uneventful affair, and the loss leaves them stuck in the middle of the standings.

6 — Excel Esports

Week: 1 - 1

LEC Rank: 7

This week, Excel faced its two biggest competitors for a Playoffs spot: MAD Lions and Rogue. The result? Another week with a win and a loss to continue their streak of never having gone 0-2 this split. This run may yet lead them to the Playoffs, but Excel will have to rely on teams around them dropping games.

7 — MAD Lions

Week: 1 - 1

LEC Rank: 5

Prior to this week, MAD Lions were undefeated on Saturdays and had only a 20% win rate on Fridays. For the sixth week of competition, the young team decided to reverse the trend by winning against Vitality on Friday, and losing against Excel the next day.

8 — Schalke 04

Week: 0 - 2

LEC Rank: 8

Schalke 04 seems to be specialists in the art of scaring the top teams. After defeating G2 Esports, the players this week gave Origen a fright — it was only after multiple backdoor attempts did Origen pick up the victory.

Against Fnatic, Schalke 04 were knocked out at the start of the game, but still took advantage of a mistake by their opponents to delay the end of the game by about ten minutes.

Two honourable defeats, but they don't help a team climb the table.

9 — SK Gaming

Week: 0 - 2

LEC Rank: 8

SK Gaming still haven't been able to find a way to correct their course in Spring Split 2020. Dominated by G2 Esports even though the defending champions made many mistakes, the German club then lost to Misfits Gaming.

10 — Team Vitality

Week: 0 - 2

LEC Rank: 10

Something is clearly not right at Vitality, but they still try to be creative during their games as against the MAD Lions and their Ziggs in mid. Even if they do well at the beginning of games, they quickly lose control of objectives and the game.

Against G2 Esports, they suffered all game long, with the champions delaying the end of the game just for fun. Something needs to change, but it's safe to say their Split is well and truly over.

Do you agree with our assessment? Think we've misplaced your favourite team? Feel free to let us know in the comments!

LEC Spring Split Playoffs: G2 Esports dominate to win their seventh LEC title

In a series clean sweep, G2 Esports stomped Fnatic to become the Spring Split League of Legends European champions!


LEC will rule them all !

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