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LoL: Fiddlesticks rework abilities and spells revealed

LoL: Fiddlesticks rework abilities and spells revealed

After some initial in-game glimpses that had left the community rather divided on the redesign of Fiddlesticks, a first official teaser was unveiled this Friday the 13th followed by a reveal of his new spells!

Update Saturday 14, March

Riot Games just released a video featuring Fiddlestick new spells !

Update Friday 13, March

It's spooky time as Riot Games just unleashed a new trailer for the very scary Fiddlestick on this friday 13th

The Harbinger of Doom was added to League of Legends on February 21, 2009, and has remained quite the same until now!

In fact, players voted for the champions they would love to see reworked, and Fiddlesticks came top along with Volibear.

Announced on January 14, 2020, the scarecrow's rework is focused on both his visuals and his abilities.

New Fiddlesticks profile - League of Legends
New Fiddlesticks profile

Blake “Squad5” Smith, Gameplay Designer for Riot Games, explained the changes in a developer update.

"When approaching Fiddlesticks, we wanted to focus on highlighting the identity Fiddle already had—a teamfight-winning ambush mage. Crowstorm is such an iconic spell that we wanted to have the rest of the kit support what that ability tells Fiddle to do. That pushed us toward the idea of Fiddle being one of, if not the best, “ambush” character in the game.

For gameplay, this means giving Fiddle players tools to keep hidden and to find (or create) ways to ambush and trick their enemies. When a player succeeds in ambushing their opponents, we want to make sure they’re in a powerful position to win the fight. Fiddle’s going to have some fun new mechanics both inside and outside of teamfights that are going to give him a real advantage… especially if enemies refuse to face their fears and find the scarecrow before it finds them."

We still don't know how his abilities will change in this new version, but it's a sure thing that the atmosphere of the champion has become even more spooky.

Currently being tested as an easter egg on the PBE, we should hear more about his new kit and skin rework in the near future.

The editorial team here is divided on his new look, but what do you think about the new Fiddlesticks? Feel free to let us know in the comment section below!

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