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TFT Set 3: Xerath to be released as a Dark Star Sorcerer

TFT Set 3: Xerath to be released as a Dark Star Sorcerer

The Magus Ascendant has just been added to the PBE for testing and should be released soon!

TFT Set 3: Xerath to be released as a Dark Star Sorcerer

Update — April 3

We now have the confirmation that Xerath will be soon added to the champion pool of Teamfight Tactics as a Legendary Dark Star Sorcerer!


Traits: Dark Star / Sorcerer

Cost: 5 gold

Ability: Abyssal Bombardment40/80

Xerath transforms, summoning meteors to strike random foes in place of his normal attacks for 6/8/45 seconds.

Meteors deal 350/450/2500 magic damage upon impact and if they kill their target, all adjacent enemies take [50% base] magic damage and are stunned for 1.5 seconds.

Original Article

With Patch 10.6, Mordekaiser, Malphite and Xerath received a Dark Star skin in League of Legends — and you may have noticed that Teamfight Tactics is using cosmetics to introduce new traits.

With Mordekaiser already being part of Galaxies as a Dark Star, there is only one step to include Xerath

According to an image published on Reddit, the Magus Ascendant would be the next champion to join the Convergence.

The picture only displays the fact that Xerath is a Sorcerer but it's hard to believe that Riot Games wouldn't stick to their previous logic — meaning we can safely assume that he would indeed be a Dark Star.

Overall, this piece of information should still be taken cautiously as Riot Games haven't communicated yet about it. However, they just pushed an update on the PBE, introducing an eight threshold to the Sorcerer trait. All of these clues seem to strongly confirm the release of Xerath.

It remains to be seen when...

Patch 10.7 notes: Dark Star trait reworked

Introduced with Patch 10.6, Galaxies is receiving its first batch of buffs and nerfs, including big changes for Dark Star and Mana-Reaver.

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