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LoL, Patch 10.6: Wukong nerfed in a quick hotfix

LoL, Patch 10.6: Wukong nerfed in a quick hotfix

Several patch cycles after his announcement, and after being delayed numerous times, the rework of Wukong finally headed to the Rift with Patch 10.6. However, Riot pushed a quick hotfix aiming at nerfing his W.

LoL, Patch 10.6: Wukong nerfed in a quick hotfix

It's almost a tradition: when a League of Legends champion get reworked, it is often nerfed or at least tweaked just a few days after via a hotfix — and Wukong makes no exception to this rule.

List of changes

Basic statistics

  • Basic HP regeneration every 5 seconds decreased: 5 → 4
Passive - Stone Skin

Bonus increase: Bonuses are increased by 62.5% → 50% for 5 seconds each time Wukong or his clone hits an enemy champion or monster (stackable 8 times → 10 times for a total bonus of 500%).

W - Warrior Trickster

Mana cost: 60 at all ranks → 80 - 40

• Decrease clone damage: Clone now mimics Wukong's attacks and ultimate, but deals 50/55/60/65/70% → 40-60% of normal damage.

The modification of the passive won't have much impact on the champion since the total bonus remains the same. This slightly reduces the effectiveness of Wukong on short trades but makes it more powerful on long one — especially when triggering the Conqueror rune.

After his rework, Wukong will be able to hit 3 times with his ultimate ability (by reactivating his R and using his W), which is a real avalanche of controls for the enemy team. In addition, the Conqueror rune stacks very quickly and allows the Monkey King to inflict additional damage and to heal itself: enough to create mayhem within the enemy ranks, hence the damage and cooldown nerf of his W.

Currently, Wukong is doing rather (very) well in Gold rank with a comfortable win rate around 55% at the top, 53% in the jungle and 54% at mid. At high ELO, the champion even reaches the indecent win rate of 60% at the top (master rank). It is also very popular with an overall pick/ban rate) of 25%, all ranks combined.

Do you think the nerf was justified?

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