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LoL: Riot Games backtracks on tougher dodge penalties

LoL: Riot Games backtracks on tougher dodge penalties

A few days ago, Riot Games revealed that they wanted to increase the penalties for dodging. Community reactions, mostly negative, were not long in coming. In the face of the outcry, Riot Games decided to back off.

LoL: Riot Games backtracks on tougher dodge penalties

A few days ago, Riot Scruffy revealed in a Quick Gameplay Thoughts that Riot Games intended to increase the penalties for players abusing the dodge in champion select of League of Legends. (more loss of LP in ranked games and time penalties extended).

The reactions of the community were not long in coming — and they were rather virulent. The majority of players simply disagreed with these new measures. Many players admit they sometimes dodge when they find themselves with a troll pick in their team or even with a teammate who flames from the first second without reason.

After days of heated debate on twitter, Riot Games has simply decided to back off.

Instead, they intend to focus on the players who actually cause people to dodge, specifically targeting people displaying bad behaviors during the champion selection.

Do you think increasing penalties was a good decision? Or, perhaps were you against it? Feel free to pursue the debate in the comment section below — as we're pretty curious to read what you have to say about it.

Riot will punish you even more for dodging

People dodging in champion select are common in League of Legends, but some people tend to do it too frequently, ruining the experience of others.



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