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LoL, LCK: ShowMaker reaches Challenger with 87 unique champions

LoL, LCK: ShowMaker reaches Challenger with 87 unique champions

During the midseason, DAMWON Gaming's midlaner, ShowMaker, launched a funny bet. Reach the Challenger rank of challenger while never playing the same champion twice.

LoL, LCK: ShowMaker reaches Challenger with 87 unique champions

During the midseason, League of Legends pro-players usually take the opportunity to train or to relax. This isn't case of DAMWON Gaming's Mid Laner, Heo "ShowMaker" Su, who set out to challenge himself to reach the Challenger rank on Korean servers by playing only unique champions.

The player began his journey with an unranked account (with a Grandmaster MMR) to reach the Challenger rank. You usually need about 650 LP to reach the 300th place of this unique rank.

After 87 games and 87 different champions, ShowMaker reached his goal on May 16, ending his crazy run with an overall 69% win rate. 

While ordinary players are struggling to climb the ladder by playing a rather small number of characters, the player has demonstrated all his talents and the versatility of his pool of champions.

You can find all the player's stats on his page.

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