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Fortnite: a bug makes it possible to take over enemy buildings

Fortnite: a bug makes it possible to take over enemy buildings

A new discovery is generating a buzz in the Fortnite community. A bug in-game makes it possible to replace each opposing building simply by looking towards the north.

Fortnite: a bug makes it possible to take over enemy buildings

In a tweet published today, Fortnite claims to have patched the glitch. The bug is no longer exploitable.

Bug exploiting is as old as the history of video games. When a a vulnerability is found, publishers are quick to fix it if they know its existence. Sometimes glitches are discovered by some players who keep it a secret, giving them a more or less consequent advantage. That's what's currently happening in Fortnite with a bug that allows to resume all buildings while looking towards the north.

In Epic Games' battle royale, one of the key element is to successfully take the opponent's building. When you want to enter an opponent's box, he/she will be able to hammer his/her building keybind, preventing you from replacing it with one of yours and modifying it to enter.

The Danish community seems to have found a way to resume a building for sure (except for the walls): just look north when you're laying it down.

Very quickly, reactions multiplied on Twitter, mostly from the competitive scene where some pro players complained that such a vulnerability had been exploited for that long. Cooler player Noward reacts philosophically: "Not telling a glitch is sadly understandable, still not sure I wouldn't tell anyone but if someone doesn't I wouldn't blame them. Everyone is using exploit/glitch the difference is just that some are stronger or more known."

No doubt that the power of this bug will force the game to apply a hotfix quite quickly to put an end to the polemics, hoping that other glitches as big as this one won't be misunderstood and exploited yet.

Original content by Maxime "Biaggi" Ricoveri.

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