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LoL: Discover the LEC Summer Split All Pro Team

League of Legends Esports
LoL: Discover the LEC Summer Split All Pro Team

As is customary at the end of a split, the All Pro Team has been announced. For this LEC Summer Split, G2 Esports' domination is over. They had managed to place three of their players in first place during the Spring, but now it's time for innovation!

LoL: Discover the LEC Summer Split All Pro Team

After an eventful Summer Split it's time to rank the best players. For the first time, a segment was played entirely online, which did not have to facilitate the votes.

Although having finished first in the regular season, Rogue don't find any of their players in the first place, but four of them — except the top laner Finn " Finn " Wiestål — finish on the second step of the podium.

Unsurprisingly, two MAD Lions players take the first place, jungler Zhiqiang “ Shad0w ” Zhao and support Norman “ Kaiser ” Kaiser. On the G2 Esports side, Rasmus “ Caps ” Winther saves the honor of the samurai.

Finally, it's a cold shower for Fnatic who, after a very complicated split, only manages to place one of its players in third place, ADC Martin “ Rekkles ” Larsson.

First place

  • Toplaner: Barney “Alphari” Morris, Origen - 89 points
  • Jungler: Zhiqiang “Shad0w” Zhao, MAD Lions - 92 points
  • Midlaner: Rasmus “Caps” Winther, G2 Esports - 118 points
  • Botlaner: Patrik “Patrik” Jírů, Excel Esports - 61 points
  • Support: Norman “Kaiser” Kaiser, MAD Lions - 123 points

Second place

  • Toplaner: Martin “Wunder” Hansen, G2 Esports - 73 points
  • Jungler: Kacper “Inspired” Słoma, Rogue - 72 points
  • Midlaner: Emil “Larssen” Larsson, Rogue - 99 points
  • Botlaner: Steven “Hans sama” Liv, Rogue - 60 points
  • Support: Oskar “Vander” Bogdan, Rogue - 74 points

Third place

  • Toplaner: Andrei “Orome” Popa, MAD Lions - 71 points
  • Jungler: Erberk “Gilius” Demir, FC Schalke 04 - 68 points
  • Midlaner: Marek “Humanoid” Brázda, MAD Lions - 52 points
  • Botlaner: Martin “Rekkles” Larsson, Fnatic - 54 points
  • Support: Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle, G2 Esports - 48 points

The LEC Playoffs will begin August 21 with a first match between the survivors of Schalke 04 and SK Gaming.

Original content by "Cthulhu".

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