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Valorant: Killjoy's nerf in next patch

Valorant: Killjoy's nerf in next patch

Killjoy is the twelfth agent to be introduced in Valorant. According to John Goscicki, Character Product Lead, a nerf of her abilities is planned in the next patch.

Valorant: Killjoy's nerf in next patch

Riot Games had promised to add six agents per year in Valorant, released in June 2020. For the moment, the game has only twelve agents, the latest being Killjoy, specialising in technological skills.

According to Dot Esports, which was able to interview John Goscicki, Character Product Lead, a Killjoy nerf would be in preparation for the next patch.

The developer pointed out that one of the abilities of the German engineer was in the focus: Nanoswarm.

"Now that she’s live, players have found the Nanoswarm to be the most powerful tool in her arsenal but [we] believe that we have the right tuning levers to make it feel fair. We have a couple tweaks coming next patch that should make playing against them feel a lot more reasonable."

Many players complained about this ability, which was very difficult to counter and inflicted far too much damage. For some time, they had been asking Riot Games to take action — based on the patches that corrected the issues with Phoenix flashbang and Brimstone incendiary grenade.

As usual, no date has been communicated at the moment. Valorant offers patches every fortnight, which probably indicates that a new patch will be deployed this week.

New Killjoy’s Alarmbot bug prevents Reyna from blinding you in Valorant

Killjoy continues to make a name for herself in Valorant. A new bug has been discovered on her Alarmbot and it prevents Reyne from blinding you.

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