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Riot Bellissimoh on the future of skins and events in League of Legends

Riot Bellissimoh on the future of skins and events in League of Legends

A new Ultimate skin, bigger events and thematics are the focus in this new State of Skins and Events.

Riot Bellissimoh on the future of skins and events in League of Legends

As the end of 2020 is closing by, Riot Games came back on how skins are doing this year and what's planned for the next months for League of Legends.

This time the State of Skins and Events focuses on explaining how skin tiers are thought and how things changed in 2020 with various skins.

On top of these in-depth explanations and the announcement of 140 skins planned for 2021, Riot Bellissimoh revealed three new skins planned for the "lower play rate champions".

A big part of these champions already got their skin this year and only a few remains:

  • Anivia
  • Aurelion Sol
  • Azir
  • Illaoi
  • Ivern
  • Singed
  • Yorick
  • Zac

This time it's Aurelion Sol, Singed, and Zac that get the spotlights but keep in mind that every champion listed above are to receive a skin before the end of the year !

Aurelion Sol 2020 skin

Aurelion Sol new skin - League of Legends
Aurelion Sol new skin

Singed 2020 skin

Singed new skin - League of Legends
Singed new skin

Zac 2020 skin

Zac new skin - League of Legends
Zac new skin

But that's not everything the team got in stock as we also get a preview of Lee Sin's next legendary skin.

Lee Sin New Legendary Skin 2020 splashart reveal - League of Legends
Lee Sin New Legendary Skin 2020 splashart reveal

Still looking for more? Riot games got you covered as they reveal more about the Championship skins and the skin thematic in general.

Riot Bellissimoh says that on top of just selling skins, Riot Games whishes to create and develop a universe, stories, and thematics to come along with them. This process also includes reworking older themes and keep things fresh. A perfect example for that is the upcoming Championship skin for Leblanc.

Championship Leblanc splashart - League of Legends
Championship Leblanc splashart

Upcoming Ultimate skin and Events

League of Legends Spirit Blossom Yasuo - League of Legends
League of Legends Spirit Blossom Yasuo

The Spirit Blossom Event only finished recently and is a very good example of what Riot games want to achieve with events. A bigger impact as well as more fun and interactivity for players.

On the other hand in this post, Riot Bellissimoh explains that bringing such a big event took as close as a full year in planning and conception, meaning it's very unlikely that we get events as big as this one every two weeks. We still get to know that they are planning the next event of this kind, so wait and see I guess.

A few months ago, Riot Games stated that they were thinking about how to create the next Ultimate skin in a way that changes the experience for players while keeping the gameplay the same on champions, just like they did with the previous editions. This time it is confirmed: a new Ultimate skin will come to League of Legends by the end of the year.

Even if 2020 is in its last three months it looks like Riot Games is very busy creating content for the community, how do you feel about all this? Feel free to let us know in the comment section!

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