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PUBG Round-Up: FaZe Clan win PCS2 Europe, Divine take PCS2 APAC after tie

PUBG Round-Up: FaZe Clan win PCS2 Europe, Divine take PCS2 APAC after tie

A busy week of PUBG action saw the final two regions close out their PCS2 events, with Europe being treated to yet another 'FaZe Sunday', Soniqs closing out an expected NA win, and Divine claiming the APAC crown by the skin of their teeth.

PUBG Round-Up: FaZe Clan win PCS2 Europe, Divine take PCS2 APAC after tie

After three weeks of play and twenty-four matches for each of the four regions, PUBG Continental Series 2 has come to a close. And boy, did we have some matches.

FaZe Clan took PCS2 Europe, Divine Esports and Fury couldn't be separated by points in PCS2 APAC, Soniqs cemented their domination in PCS2 NA, and Triumphant Song Gaming shaded favourites Infantry in PCS Asia.

PCS2 Europe: 'FaZe Sunday' strikes again

PUBG: PCS2 Europe Final Standings - PUBG
PUBG: PCS2 Europe Final Standings

The big story out of Europe is that yet again we saw 'FaZe Sunday' in action. After seeing their lead obliterated by a resurgent Team Liquid on Saturday, FaZe Clan showed up big on Sunday to claim the title many had predicted them to before the event.

After a horrendous opening week, Liquid were languishing in the bottom reaches of the table. However, a strong Week 2 saw them begin their climb, and Saturday's performance — the largest single-day points total in European history — saw them hold a six-point lead heading into the final four games.

However, you should never write off FaZe Clan. Two chicken dinners, and 52 points later, they had secured the title with a winning margin of 22 points.

PUBG: PCS2 Europe Kill Leaders - PUBG
PUBG: PCS2 Europe Kill Leaders
PUBG: PCS2 Europe Damage Leaders - PUBG
PUBG: PCS2 Europe Damage Leaders

PCS2 North America: Soniqs ease to overall victory

Across the pond in NA, it was a comfortable final week for Soniqs to claim the big prize. Starting Day 5 with a 36-point lead, they secured two dinners to open up a 67-point lead heading into the final day.

Their closest challengers, Oath, also picked up two wins to leapfrog ShoottoKill, setting up an intriguing battle on the final day.

PUBG: PCS2 NA Final Standings - PUBG
PUBG: PCS2 NA Final Standings

And while Oath opened up a clear gap on STK in second, not even a zero-point game for Soniqs could give them hope of overtaking Soniqs. The leaders matched Oath's dinner and in the end allowed the gap to close by just three points.

In reality, their margin was always unassailable, and the $50k first prize was just rewards for an impressive overall performance, with one player in particular being singled out for praise:

PCS2 APAC: Even in points, apart in being well-fed

APAC was the region which saw the most nail-biting final day, with Divine Esports and Fury inesparable on points after twenty-four games.

PUBG: PCS2 APAC Final Standings - PUBG
PUBG: PCS2 APAC Final Standings

After the Vietnamese of Divine suffered an early, zero-point exit in the final game, everything was there for Australian org Fury to take the win. Just one more frag... but it was not meant to be.

With identical records in terms of number of total points and kill points, it came down to a third tiebreaking criterion — best single-match haul. Divine took the crown with a 26-point match to their name, compared to Fury's best effort of 16 points.

On balance it's a deserved victory, with Divine claiming five chicken dinners across the six days of play. Despite their incredible consistency in scoring points finishes, Fury didn't win a single match.

PCS2 Asia: TSG overcome favourites to seal the deal

The PCS2 Asia title was the first to be wrapped up, with Triumphant Song Gaming pipping long-time leaders and favourites Infantry to the title by just three points, with Korean side T1 a further four back.

PUBG: PCS2 Asia Final Standings - PUBG
PUBG: PCS2 Asia Final Standings

With Infantry eliminated early on in the final game, TSG smelled that chicken dinner. They stormed to victory, picking up the vital points they needed to overtake their fellow Chinese and claim the lion's share of the prize pool.

All in, the PUBG Continental Series has proved to be a worthy addition to the competitive PUBG calendar in these times of online-only play.

All eyes are now on the next event, and with PCS3 in planning for a November start, we won't have long to wait for more action!

PUBG Round-Up: TSG win PCS2 Asia, FaZe Clan head Europe, Soniqs lead NA

Things are heating up as we head into the final week of PUBG Continental Series 2. Triumphant Song Gaming have already claimed the PCS2 Asia crown, while FaZe Clan, Soniqs, and Divine Esports are all in pole position to claim their regions' titles.

All images courtesy PUBG Esports.

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