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Why was Zoe Disabled on Monday in League of Legends

Why was Zoe Disabled on Monday in League of Legends

Zoe was a bit too strong on Monday and got disabled as the League of Legends' champion could use an item without any cooldown.

Why was Zoe Disabled on Monday in League of Legends

Sometimes champions in League of Legends are a bit too strong and that was the case on Monday with Zoe.

You might have heard of the W + TP bug on Zoe that impacts her when she tries to teleport using a picked-up teleport, well this bug has been addressed by Riot games.

Though, it looks like correcting this bug created a new one for The Aspect of Twilight, forcing Riot games to disable the champion.

League of Legends Zoe disabled due to bug

As you can see in this video, when Zoe picks up an Hextech GLP-800 and use it with her W, she can just spam it with no cooldown at all.

When this bug was put under the spotlight Riot Games disabled the character for a while to correct the bug and avoid too many injuries.

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