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LoL: Lux, Marvel Comics & Riot Games

LoL: Lux, Marvel Comics & Riot Games

After Ashe, Lux is the hero of a comics produced by Marvel and Riot Games together.

Last November, Riot Games has announced a partnership with Marvel to create comics on the Runeterra universe and the League of Legends champions. The first series, which is now over, was focused on the origins of Ashe and tracked down her youth in the frozen lands of Freljord.

Today, we learn that the second comics will be focused on Lux and will show the complex relations that we find in the Demacia region, where the use of magic is forbidden.

League of Legends
League of Legends
League of Legends

UPDATE: July 11

Tome 3:

The Tome 3 is now available! If you need some context just to remember what happened in the last volume, check the spoiler below!

After befriending Sylas — who showed her how to control her powers — Lux told him many secrets thanks to the books she brought him in secret. For his part, Garen — well aware of his sister's powers — wanted to marry her to Jarvan IV to keep her safe under his wing. But here it is, Sylas has understood how to take advantage of the petrified nature of his chains and seems determined to escape from the enclosure of the mages' trackers...

If you want to read the Tome 3, just click here !

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Tome 2:

The adventures of Lux keep on going! We let her, in volume 1, in the trap of the Mage hunters, where she encountered... Sylas, who had found her magic power. Will him expose her in front of the hunters? Offer her an alliance? Offer her liberty, the one of being a Mage? The answer in volume 2.

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Tome 1:

This new comics based on the League of Legends lore is written by John O'Bryan, known for the Avatar series: The Last Airbender, is divided into 5 volumes which will be available the second Wednesday of each month. The first episode is, by the way, already available here.

League of Legends

Written by Julien "Imso" Hubert. Translated from French by

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