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LoL, League of Legends, 9.14 Patch: Focus on the meta, Lux,

LoL, League of Legends, 9.14 Patch: Focus on the meta, Lux,

The PBE brings its share of changes! On midlane, potential modifications will be implemented on many champions. Today, we will focus on those who are likely to invade the middle way in the coming weeks, Galio, Malphite and Lux.

LoL, League of Legends, 9.14 Patch: Focus on the meta, Lux,

The 9.14 League of Legends Patch will soon hit the live servers, with its usual batch of new content. Welcome these changes in the Summoner's Rift! Let's see together the champions who are likely to appear soon on the middle lane: Lux, Galio and Malphite.

1. Lux: a powerful Lady


Lux is one of the most played and strongest support of the moment. The champion can juggle between several styles of play and is very versatile. Its low tankiness is largely compensated by the aftershock rune as well as the double shield granted by its W.

In the PBE, Lux's spells are rather nerfed, reducing its usefulness as a support. These nerfs are counterbalanced by the increase in its AP ratios: we can expect Lux to come back in force on the midlane.

Be patient and watch for enemy mistakes because your burst, whether on champions or neutral targets, is extremely powerful!

2. Galio: the Colossus


A few patches ago, Riot decided to make Galio much less tanky, while increasing his damage. His peel had also been reduced when his R no longer reduced the damage done to his allies. The champion had then disappeared from the game.

On the PBE, Galio seems to have a new lease of life; its damage is considerably increased. The fist of the winged statue is a good answer to fight against AP assassins like Akali or Katarina.

Identify the targets within your reach and rush to them! Your crowd control and damage will drive your attackers mad with rage.

3. Malphite: an awkward rock


Malphite is a toplaner who is particularly resistant to AD champions, thanks to his armor scaling. His ultimate can turn teamfights, so make sure your enemies are stacked!

On the PBE, Malphite has received many changes that will greatly affect his gameplay, especially the appearance of the auto-attack reset on his W, which will make the rock more alive than ever. Its armor scaling and its mobility have also been increased: the Monolith will even grow according to its armor...

Between armor, tank and AP items, Malphite can become a real nightmare on the middle lane for AD champions like Yasuo, Zed, or Qiyana.

Which champions do you think will soon reappear on the middle lane? To discover the range of new features on the PBE, check our dedicated article! A quick reminder: these changes are not yet safe and sure, and some changes may be abandoned before the deployment of the 9.14 patch next week.

See you soon for a new Focus on the Meta!

9.14 Patch: more than 20 champions updated!

Find here all the changes in progress on the PBE League of Legends for cycle 9.14! On the program, big changes for Malphite and Wukong and some champions' balances and two new Demacia Vice skins for Garen and Lucian.

UPDATE: LoL/TFT Patch 9.14 delayed a week

You were wondering why Teamfight Tactics is collapsing under patches while League of Legends seems to be forgotten? Don't worry, the 9.14 Patch is coming, but it will be delayed by one week — causing it to be released three weeks after the 9.13 Patch.


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