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League of Legends: Five things we would like to see in the upcoming MMO from Riot Games

League of Legends: Five things we would like to see in the upcoming MMO from Riot Games

This is the big news that thrilled all League of Legends fans last week: the confirmation that an MMO in the League of Legends universe is in development. Here are the different things we'd like to see in the game.

League of Legends: Five things we would like to see in the upcoming MMO from Riot Games

Last Friday's news turned the community upside down. Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street confirmed what many had been waiting for: a future MMO in the League of Legends universe. While the project is in the works and will undoubtedly take months (or even years), gamers' expectations are already high.

Graphics that live up to the challenge

Although intended for cell phones, Wild Rift surprised the players by the graphic quality of its visuals and its rather sleek animation. We can only hope that Riot Games will follow this example for its future MMO.

League of Legends

The game should not be released for a while and hopefully, the graphics will be well above what we are used to from Riot Games.

The game should probably put the emphasis on the graphics and do justice to the rich universe, whether it's the different regions or the different races we'll be able to encounter in the game.

Champions at the center of the story... but not only

Obviously, an MMO is very different from a game like League of Legends. In LoL, all characters are recognizable, distinct and fulfill a well-defined role. By the time the MMO is released, League of Legends will have nearly 200 champions, and it would be easy to divide them up on the map.

League of Legends

What would Demacia be without Garen or Lux or Bilgewater without Miss Fortune or Gangplank? However, it would still be a shame if the MMO focuses only on champions and locations we already know.

We hope that Riot Games will not push the fan service too much. Existing champions should be a key element of the game, but not everything should revolve around them.

We hope that Riot Games will add new characters like in Legends of Runeterra.


Runeterra is very rich in stories, plots, wars, betrayals and much more over the course of hundreds of years. Demacia and his crusade against the Magi, the expansionism of Noxus, the plot of the Fallen King in the future game of Riot Forge, or the supposed return of the Shurima Empire, all of these must be brought together in the MMO.

League of Legends

It would be nice if the character's birthplace was more relevant than in other MMOs, for example. If you are a Demacian, you will fight for your king, if you are from Ionia, you will defend yourself against Noxus, and so on.

Regions, races and roles

Fighters, mages, the shooters and the assassins, those are familiar classes to us. It would make perfect sense for these roles, or rather these classes, to be present in the MMO. Not just as a nod to the players in MOBA, but as a subdivision that has proven useful for character creation and distinction.

League of Legends

A game for League of Legends lovers, but also others

The MMO League of Legends should serve to satisfy MMO fans, including those who already play League of Legends, but also those who have never touched the MOBA.

But it would be absurd for players to switch from one title to another and leave the first one deserted. It would be necessary to establish clear breaking points with the MOBA in order to find a new audience

League of Legends

We can already imagine a lot of things for the future game, each one crazier than the other.

What are your expectations for the upcoming Riot Games MMO?

Original content by José Ángel "Razablan" Mateo.

The League of Legends MMO has been confirmed

Confirmed by former WoW Lead Designer Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street, League of Legends will get an MMO the community has long requested.

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