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League of Legends: Is Kha'Zix broken this preseason?

League of Legends: Is Kha'Zix broken this preseason?

The Voidreaver appears to be doing rather well for himself during the League of Legends offseason. Passing through the cracks with each patch that drops, Kha'Zix has a staggering winrate among the highest echelons of League players.

League of Legends: Is Kha'Zix broken this preseason?

The League of Legends preseason brought a lot of changes — a complete rework of items, the addition of Mythics, and the usual experimental balance changes.

However, one champion seems to have exceptionally well — a champion who rarely appears in the patch notes. Kha'Zix enjoys a 53.6% winrate among players in Master tier and above, but what is making him so strong?

Figures from LeagueOfGraphs - League of Legends
Figures from LeagueOfGraphs
Given his relative strength, Kha'Zix is enjoying a rise in popularity. - League of Legends
Given his relative strength, Kha'Zix is enjoying a rise in popularity.

One reason may be the item changes themselves. Lethality gear is especially strong on him, while assassins currently enjoy the most choice when it comes to their situational items. In short, Kha'Zix has unprecedented adaptability at the moment, and is mobile enough in his build according to the progress of your game.

Theoretically, Kha'Zix is a bad blind pick. However, in the current meta there are few effective responses, and his counters, such as Olaf, are rather difficult to play.

If you find yourself facing a Kha'Zix and playing as a jungler, we recommend Ivern, as even though this champion isn't very popular, he farms faster. Nunu & Willump are also a good choice, as once past the mid-game, they'll not be as easy to bully.

Kha'Zix isn't as dominant against tanks, and this is also one of the issues. The current meta is concentrated on a lot of squishy champions, but it also presents a cruel lack of control, with the exception of bot, over lanes. Of course, a smart Kha'Zix will never impale itself on a Leona.

What's true for Kha'Zix is generally true for the other assassins in the game. Evelynn is doing decently too, but she is not as popular a pick.

However, this is not to say you should rush to pick Kha'Zix. He's not the easiest to play, and you'll need a decent grasp if you are to use him to his full potential. There's always a significant difference between a good and a baf Kha'Zix. If you're competent, then you can easily feed yourself into a carry position.

Kha'Zix is rarely impacted by changes, but given his current winrate, it seems certain that Riot Games will bring the nerfs in the new year. While nothing is official, take the opportunity to use one of League's strong champions - or ban him away if you can't stand playing against him! 

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