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League of Legends issues known to Riot Games, but they have a plan

League of Legends issues known to Riot Games, but they have a plan

Riot's Head of Gameplay Design has given us details on what they have planned for League of Legends in upcoming patches. Problems have been identified, and the process of fixing them will begin right away.

League of Legends issues known to Riot Games, but they have a plan

With the arrival of Patch 11.1 of League of Legends a couple of days ago and the official start of ranked games this weekend, everything is ready for the slow advance in the metagame that Riot Games imposes through patches.

Although the team tends to react to what players discover, it's correct to think that the developers have short, medium and long-term plans that they rely on.

This is something that Mark Yetter, Head of Gameplay Design for League of Legends, has recognized on his Twitter account. He has shared some of the objectives that he considers fulfilled with the last few patches, such as reducing the explosive damage of items, the general balance of the game, and reducing the cost of items for supports.

However, he has also revealed what Riot wants to improve in the future.

Riot's Objectives

  • Mythical tank items: With these items, they want to add some satisfaction and decisiveness, as the Aegis of Sunfire is still the primary item most players use.
  • Support items: Supports are currently more determined by their role and champion than by the items used. If you heal, you tend to have fixed items, with a similar phenomenon for tanks.
  • Essence Reaver: This item lost some potency during the item rework, so they will try to bring it more up to date.
  • Ravenous Hunter: This rune is being used a lot, and it seems like it's time to reduce its strength.
  • Extreme healing edge cases: Although the overheal issue in the game has been changed in the current patch, there are specific cases of champions with healing in their kit that will have to be changed specifically, such as Aatrox or Olaf.
  • Champions who do not feel good after Preseason: Shaco, Senna, Shyvana, Singed, Veigar, Dr. Mundo and Soraka.
  • Some additional, smaller reworks: This is slated for later patches, but would be more in the style of the Anivia changes.

Tune in tonight for a special Riot event, in which the future of the League universe in 2021 will be revealed!

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