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League of Legends had a stellar year, the best since 2017

League of Legends had a stellar year, the best since 2017

Riot Games' MOBA continues its rise, with some impressive numbers recorded despite the challenges of 2020.

League of Legends had a stellar year, the best since 2017

League of Legends is one of the most successful games on the planet. Riot Games has in its hands one of the most stable and financially profitable games, and now we've learned that 2020 has been one of the best in recent history with some high revenue numbers.

Data from a study by the consulting firm SuperData, which has released its 2020 Year in Review report. shows that Riot has earned more than $1.75bn in revenue. This is despite a year in which Riot Games hasn't been able to tap income from offline events, through ticket sales or sponsorships and on-site activations.

Source: SuperData - League of Legends
Source: SuperData

Riot Games' title comes in sixth on the chart for free-to-play titles, below Free Fire and Pokémon GO, two mobile game phenomena.

The $1.75 bn achieved in 2020 is the best Riot have seen since 2017's total of $2.1 bn. Since then it has seen gradual growth, recording $1.4 bn in 2018 and $1.5 bn in 2019.

A Riot Games live event previewing what is to come in the League of Legends universe is scheduled for this evening.

Riot teases next character in 2021 League of Legends Livestream trailer

To kick off the new season in the League of Legends universe, Riot Games has unveiled a new trailer previewing an upcoming livestream — including a teaser of the next champion to hit the Rift.


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