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Classic nerf and new map in Valorant for Season 2

Classic nerf and new map in Valorant for Season 2

Riot Games has unveiled some of the new content coming to Valorant in Season 2, including a new map and a certain right-click nerf for the Classic.

Classic nerf and new map in Valorant for Season 2

Riot Games marked the beginning of Valorant Season 2 by answering questions from the community about the future of the game.

Among the answers, we learned a lot about the new leaderboard and the changes to the ranking system.

Classic nerf

The Classic is free, but you can one-shot a player with heavy armor with a simple click of the right mouse button — firing three shots at the same time. A talented player can do this five times in a row, stopping a push solo thanks to the weapon's firing rate.

The competitive scene wasn't happy with this at all, and now Riot's answer is to increase the recoil of the Classic when fired multiple times.

This will increase gradually, until it's impossible to accurately shoot several times — even at close range.

The goal is to make it possible for a player who knows how to headshot to stop one or two players coming at him, but not four or five.

The right click of the Classic has another problem: it's remarkably precise when you shoot while falling. A player can jump to make himself harder to hit, while at the same time tapping right click, even several times in a row.

This aspect has also been nerfed, and the dispersion of bullets in the air is now higher.

New map

Riot won't wait until Season 3 to release the sixth map, instead coming at the beginning of Act II or at the beginning of Act III Season 2. With an Act lasting about two months, that means the new map will come in a maximum of four months' time.

Nerf to shooting while moving

Riot has confirmed that the accuracy of rifles while running or falling is still too high, and will soon be nerfed.

Original content by Augustin "Review" Heliot.

Valorant makes changes to ranked system, adds leaderboard

One of the major changes to Valorant in Season 2 is a complete overhaul of the ranked system, with the addition of a leaderboard for players to gauge their progress.


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