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Check out the Valorant 2.01 Patch Notes

Check out the Valorant 2.01 Patch Notes
Major Updates
  • Split Update

A new patch has been deployed in Valorant. It mainly updates Jett and Split, while many bugs have also been fixed.

Check out the Valorant 2.01 Patch Notes

One week before the release of the new agent, Yoru, a new update is available in Valorant.

Patch 2.01 brings a major overhaul of Slit, as well as small update for Jett. In addition, two highly requested features finally make their appearance in the game.

Agent Updates


• Smoke duration decreased 7 from >>> 4.5

Competitive Updates

  • Added ability to hide custom game results from Match History.

Social Updates

  • The Add Friend button now exists for teammates only, and the option of adding enemy players has been removed.
  • Queue restrictions for AFK-ing in-game and during pre-game have changed. We want to make sure that folks having connectivity issues aren’t harshly penalized, but those who are purposefully AFK-ing receive harsher penalties.


  • Fixed an issue with rank promotion and demotion indicators overlapping players' rank on the Career page.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause either a Radiant icon or an error message to show during the End of Game screen instead of the correct rank details.
  • Fixed a bug where Reyna’s Leer would not display on the minimap correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where credits wouldn’t be properly refunded after selling a gun that a teammate boughtThanks to this post, as well as many previous reports on reddit!
  • Fixed a bug where offscreen flash VFX would display incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug where Phoenix’s starting location would briefly be displayed on the minimap after being killed in Run it Back.
  • Fixed issue where Omen’s reforming VFX didn’t line up with where he actually appeared when using Shrouded Step.
  • Fixed Jett being able to trigger the defuse sound while dashing.
  • Fixed Omen being able to trigger the defuse sound while teleporting.
  • Fixed issue that caused Yoru’s Fakeout decoy to persist in the world after his death.
  • Fixed issue where Raze’s Boom Bot could be placed through some walls.
  • Fixed issue where Omen could have his gun equipped while forming during From the Shadows.
  • Resolved Regrowth’s number UI not updating as Skye used the ability.
  • Fixed fire rate stacking issue when a player is in one Brimstone Stim Pack while another ends.
  • Fixed Skye not properly showing the callout region she’s in.

Movistar Riders dismisses Rapaztriste for cheating

Movistar Riders have terminated the contract of Valorant player Rui "Rapaztriste" Fonseca, after he was found to be 'using resources not allowed within the game' to gain a competitive advantage.

njforever 8 months ago

make raze insensible in the air

njforever 8 months ago

make raze insensible in the air

njforever 8 months ago

make raze insensible in the air

njforever 8 months ago

make raze insensible in the air

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