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League of Legends unveils plans to upgrade Xin Zhao

League of Legends unveils plans to upgrade Xin Zhao

Things will change for the League of Legends' Demacia Seneschal – Xin Zhao will be having his abilities reworked

League of Legends unveils plans to upgrade Xin Zhao

Riot Games has unveiled plans to update the jungler, Xin Zhao. Changes will be made to his passive and abilities, as well as the possibility of new buffs, 

Mark Yetter, gameplay design director, revealed that Xin Zhao has been struggling in Season 11 of League of Legends, with his power and player satisfaction falling short. 

The studio highlights three main reasons for this update:

  • Showcase the unique ranged gameplay with the second activation of his Z - Wind and Lightning - that it fits better into his combos
  • Offer / renew new versions for Xin with significant gameplay improvements
  • Increase champion success rate by roughly 2% in the jungle

Overview of changes

Passive - Determination

Heal value changed: 10-112 (+ 10% AD) (+ 40% AP) → 7-92 (+ 10% AD) (+ 55% AD)

Q - Three Talon Strike

Physical damage bonus decreased: 20/28/36/44/56 → 15/24/33/42/51

W - Wind Becomes Lightning

Xin Zhao gives a waist blow in front of him with his spear, then throws a thrust for a delay of 0.5-0.4 seconds (depending on his attack speed.)

First activation

Size: Damage increased by 33% based on critical strike chance

Size: No longer applies life steal at 33% efficiency

Mana cost increased from 45 → 60

Second activation

Thrust: increased range: 900 → 1000

Thrust: damage decreased: 40/75/110/145/180 (+ 80% attack damage) → 30/65/100/135/170 (+ 75% attack damage)

Cooldown decreased: 12-8 → 12-6 seconds

New - Slash: Now challenges champions and monsters and grants vision on targets for 3 seconds

E - Audacious Charge

New : Range of the spell increased by 1100 for challenged targets

Cooldown decreased: 12 → 11 seconds

Jump speed decreased from 3000 → 2500

R - Crescent Numbers

New - AP Ratio: 0% → 110%

Duration increased: 3 → 5 seconds

Duration is no longer increased by spells or basic attacks

The biggest change will be Xin Zhao's W2 combo – which will be the "the best part" according to Yetter – Wind Becomes Lightning ability will "challenge" champions and monsters, and providing vision for three seconds. Pairing this with the extended cast range should help his clear. He will also receive a 2% buff in the jungle role. 

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