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Sona changes and ARAM visual tweaks coming to League of Legends

Sona changes and ARAM visual tweaks coming to League of Legends

Sona's changes will reward her for playing with allies, while poros are just getting cuter.

Sona changes and ARAM visual tweaks coming to League of Legends

The League of Legends 'Medium-Scope Champion pod', the team that recently looked at Samira, Akali, and Xin Zhao, is now looking at how to improve Sona over the next few patches.

Sona is a support that is meant to play with her allies, but when the Sona carry meta came in, so too came the nerfs. Riot now realise that Sona should be rewarded for playing with allies, rather than punished for not doing so.

Disclaimer: this is a preview, so may change, but gives an idea of what the team are looking for.

The current Mana Refund mechanic on her Q/W/E has been removed, previously she would be refunded thirty mana if the aura affected an ally. The Mana Costs on these abilities have also been reduced. The Cooldown Reduction Passive on her Ultimate is also being removed.

Instead, she is gaining Resonance as an extra Passive. Resonance means when Sona's basic abilities help allies or hurt enemies, she will gain a stack of permanent Ability Haste, to a cap. When the cap is reached, she will gain bonus Ability Power.

The hope is that she can retain her hyperscaling identity without solely relying on needing to farm, in a similar way to Senna.

Most importantly, however, is the ARAM changes. Very important for gameplay.

The Howling Abyss will be getting some love in 11.8, bring new visuals and special effects!

Poros can now actually be fed, and this has been cleaned and modernised. Fed poros will now have hearts following them all game, and the explosions are a little more cuter now.

The Snowball Summoner Spell is also being cleaned up. The projectile will be more readable, being a larger and having more effects around it. The will also be different particles to help show whether the Snowball hit or miss. The champions that are hit will also gain a new effect to show when the second part of the Snowball Summoner Spell has been activated.

The Healing Relics have been cleaned up too, giving them a more modern look. Champion respawns are also being made to match the cleaner, modernised looks.

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