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League of Legends announce Arcana skins

League of Legends announce Arcana skins

The new skins should hit the PBE soon, ready to come to live next month.

League of Legends announce Arcana skins

The next League of Legends skin line is here, introducing Arcana!

Featuring Lucian, Camille, Tahm Kench and Malzahar; this skin line is dominated by red effects and clearly shows a card theme. Featuring phases of the moon, as well as some cult-esque images in splash arts.

With it having similar aesthetics to the Stargazer skins, does this mean we won't see the Wild Rift skins come to League of Legends?

Either way, we should expect these skins to hit the PBE this week; and come to live in Patch 11.10.

League of Legends Champion Roadmap released

The roadmap has officially been released, mapping out the Champions to come over 2021.

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