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TSM announces Amateur Program for League of Legends division

TSM announces Amateur Program for League of Legends division

The North American organisation brings five promising players on board, hoping to find the next generation of talent.

TSM announces Amateur Program for League of Legends division

TSM is expanding its League of Legends operations with a roster to compete in the official North American Amateur league. The team has revealed five names that will compete under their banner in the Summer Split:

  • Eclipse as top laner
  • Infectrix as jungler
  • Doxaas as mid laner
  • Gorica as bot laner
  • Donbray as support

In the announcement, TSM explains that they initially hosted a few in-house matches. "Our goal was to provide a platform for a small group of amateur and solo queue players to get a slice of the competitive experience by coordinating scrims and providing feedback over a period of time. We discovered that some players, even under this minimal structure, improved dramatically in their game sense and approach to practice." When the team saw the potential in the players, they decided to bring them on board.


TSM will continue to invite players for in-house matches and says it's investing in further development of the path to pro: "Ultimately, we are hoping that these efforts will provide a clear and additional path to pro for solo queue talent."

Pentanet.GG adds dsn to roster as substitute support for MSI

dsn will be the first woman to attend the Mid-Season Invitational as a competitor, joining LCO's representatives Pentanet.GG just before the tournament.

Image courtesy of Riot Games & TSM.

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