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11.10 League of Legends Patch Preview, showing changes to the Jungle

11.10 League of Legends Patch Preview, showing changes to the Jungle

The new patch brings some small nerfs, but a few buffs especially to some AP Support Champions. The main topic is the changes to the Jungle, which has caused some controversy as Riot try to make the role more accessible.

11.10 League of Legends Patch Preview, showing changes to the Jungle

Patch 11.10 is just round the corner for League of Legends, and while we have had the PBE Preview showing some of the content coming, we now have some of the changes to Champions to expect.

As always, these are tentative changes, so numbers can change or never actually make it to the live servers.

Firstly are changes to Phase Rush and Riftmaker, the former gaining changes to its scaling while the latter will gain less but stronger stacks of its passive.

Abyssal Mask has seen little usage, but is now being given more health, damage amplification, and duration on said damage amplification. Guinsoo's Rageblade is also being buffed a little, with a decrease to its cost.

Goredrinker received large nerfs previously, as it was the main item for many Champions and completely dominated the meta. It is now being buffed up a little, and focused more on tankier users rather than Bruisers. The heal will now scale less with Attack Damage, but will grant more health, and healing will scale slightly more with missing health.

Champion Changes

Small nerfs are going the way of Darius, Katarina, Thresh and Talon. All getting slight tweaks to cooldowns, movement speed, base health, and AD ratios respectively.

Galio is gaining a flat cooldown on his (W) Shield of Durand, from a scaling 18-16s to a flat 18s. The passive shield from it is also being capped at 15% of his maximum health, down from 20%.

Jinx is having her Base Armor reduced from 28 to 26, but the big change is her (R) Super Mega Death Rocket! is having the execute damage against Epic Monsters capped at 800. This might not make her fall out of the meta, but will hopefully stop the Dragon and Baron steals that have become common.

Buffs are coming to Irelia, just not this patch.

The ones that are coming this patch are pretty sizable and may bring new picks into the spotlight.

Kennen is gaining more base damage and higher scaling on his (W) Electrical Surge passive damage on fourth hits. This might bring a resurgence in On-Hit Kennen. Kayle is similarly gaining higher scaling on her Passive with the Level 11 Aflame damage ratio increasing to 20% AP, and the Level 16 Transcendent Additional Range is being doubled.

Lux too is gaining slightly more damage on her (E) Lucent Singularity as well as the damage ratio increasing to +70%. Yuumi is also gaining a little more damage on her (Q) Prowling Projectile.

The major change that could shake things up is Zyra having the cooldown of her (W) Rampant Growth lowered by 2s at every level. The slow from her Vine Lashers is also being increased to 30%. This change, in my opinion, could shake up the Support meta; especially as some of the other more engage Supports have received nerfs too.

Jungle Changes

It has caused a little controversy, but Riot are looking to make the Jungle role more accessible.

Respawn Timers are being increased to 2 minutes 15 seconds, and the warning timer for the camp will start displaying 10 seconds before, rather than 15 seconds. Comeback Experience is making a comeback too, with Large Monsters (and above) giving 50 XP per level below the average level of the game, minus 1.

Smite is getting a little overhaul. The damage to Monsters seems to be changing from scaling with level to being a flat 450, which then doubles when the Smite quest is completed. This, with the Comeback Experience, will make falling behind a little more forgiving.

Smite will additionally break the Scuttle Crab's shield before applying damage, similar to how Crowd Control currently works. This may make for some better scuffles over Scuttles, as Junglers may be tempted to use Smite to begin with rather than to secure at the end.

The Omnivamp on Jungle items is being reduced, with the healing from Smite being increased to compensate.

To offset the lower healing, all camps are having their Attack Damage reduced. Likewise, the health is being increased to offset the Smite damage changes. Gold changes will also come, to make up for lost income due to change in spawn timers.

The idea is to make the Jungle more forgiving and understandable for players, essentially removing some of the skill and knowledge required for things like optimal pathing, as the role becomes more forgiving to new players.

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