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Team Vikings and Sharks Esports secure Brazilian slots for Masters Reykjavik

Team Vikings and Sharks Esports secure Brazilian slots for Masters Reykjavik

Brazil has found its two representatives for the first-ever international VALORANT LAN, as Team Vikings and Sharks Esports emerged victorious.

Team Vikings and Sharks Esports secure Brazilian slots for Masters Reykjavik

Brazil has rounded up its VALORANT Challengers Stage, finding its two representatives for the Masters LAN in Reykjavik: Team Vikings and Sharks Esports will fly the Brazilian flag in Iceland, starting on May 24th.

Team Vikings' path to the international stage was relatively easy. Favourites to win the tournament, they knocked down Sharks Esports in the upper bracket finals with a convincing 2-0 victory, advancing to the Grand Finals and already locking in their spot at Masters. In the Grand Finals, Team Vikings lived up to their expectations as they claimed the gold medal with a 3-1 win.

Sharks Esports had to sweat much more for their ticket to Reykjavik. In the lower bracket finals they faced FURIA, who dominantly won the first map. Though Sharks Esports did equally as dominantly take the second map, the third map, Icebox, was a nailbiter. Eventually, with a 13-10 score in rounds, Sharks Esports breathed a sigh of relief as they had secured their spot at VALORANT Masters.

Only one region still has to lock in its representative for the first-ever international VALORANT LAN: Latin America plays its grand finals between KRÜ Esports and Infinity Esports on Wednesday, May 12th.

Seven teams lock in spot for VALORANT Stage 2 Masters in Iceland

An action-packed weekend, filled with VALORANT esports, gave us seven of the ten competitors that will clash at the first-ever VALORANT LAN tournament.

Image courtesy of Riot Games.

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