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A more detailed preview for League of Legends Patch 11.11 has been released

A more detailed preview for League of Legends Patch 11.11 has been released

The targets of this patch seem to be Senna, tanks, and vision for Supports. Various changes are coming for tank items and support items too.

A more detailed preview for League of Legends Patch 11.11 has been released

We previously had a glimpse at what is to come in the next League of Legends patch, but we now have a more comprehensive list of changes with more details.

As usual, these are all tentative changes and may not be shipped this patch, or have more changes or alterations before it goes live.

League of Legends Patch Preview is here for 11.11

The patch includes changes to Supports and Top laners, as well as the changes due to come to Senna. This could easily be a change to the Support meta, as well as allowing a new selection of Top laners to comeback into the spotlight.

After the previous changes to Moonstone Renewer, Staff of Flowing Water, and Ardent Censer all those patches ago, we're yet again seeing buffs to some of these items; with Moonstone Renewer gaining even more Heal and Shield power per stack.

We're also seeing buffs to plenty of Tank items; Divine Sunderer doing more damage and giving more healing, Frozen Heart gaining a larger Attack Speed slow and also blocking more damage along with Randuin's Omen. Warmog's Armor's requirement for the passive is being cut to 1100 Bonus Health, from 3000, which is a huge chunk.

Nerf wise, Bramble Vest is having its Armor reduced and will no longer deal damage based on the bearer's Armor, it is now a flat 3 Magic Damage.

Nerf's continue to go the way of Morgana in the Jungle, now reducing her W's bonus damage to Monsters to 155%, that is now just 5% more than it originally was before they put the changes in place.

Elise's Spider Form is also having the AP ratio on the auto attacks reduced by 10%.

Buff's wise, the major ones are to Azir and Ryze, the former gaining reduced mana cost on the Q while the latter is gaining more health per level.

Ezreal is also seeing more safety going into his base stats, with increased health regeneration and high base Armor. Ezreal is usually picked for his safety, so having increased based stats like this will make him even safer.

Notably, Nautilus is getting 200% increased damage to Monsters from his E. Players have also started theory-crafting, but this change will help his clear speed for definite.

League of Legends developers announce new Summoners Rift projects, including changes to Senna

The two main projects, outside of normal balance, include creating more Tank item diversity and changing Senna's core items.

Wardstones are gaining changes. The Stirring Wardstone is being removed, and the Watchful Wardstone is being altered to match the Support Quest; where it will turn into the Vigilant Wardstone.

The Vigilant Wardstone will offer a new Passive which increases a multitude of stats by 12%, but can no longer be purchased. The only way to gain it is by upgrading from the Watchful Wardstone.

When it comes to Senna, which rounds out the patch, will now gain a host of changes to move away from the Tanky build of Frostfire Gauntlet and Grasp of the Undying.

The Healing on her Q will now scale with 160% of Lethality, while her Ultimate and E will have Ability Power scalings. While this becomes a mixed bag, it is worth noting that Eclipse will likely work wonders on her now.

League of Legends release new merch with ABYstyle

From a Hextech themed notebook through to mousepads, Riot Games has partnered with ABYstyle to release ten new products, all of which feature classic artwork from Runeterra.

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