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Far Cry 6 release date revealed alongside new details

Far Cry 6 release date revealed alongside new details

Ubisoft have revealed that Far Cry 6 is pencilled in for an October release, while the publisher also gave further details on the title.

Far Cry 6 release date revealed alongside new details

On October 7, 2021, players will be able to journey to the tropics in Far Cry 6 the latest in the long-running series from Ubisoft. Assuming the role of Dani Rojas, we'll take the fight to the dictator Antón Castillo (Giancarlo Expósito), leader of the fictional paradise island of Yara. The story promises to be a personal revenge mission, in which an entire system of power will be overturned.

In their presentation, in addition to the release date, Ubisoft showed off some gameplay - and the title aims to follow in the footsteps of the series' fifth installment. Despite its apparent seriousness, the plot doesn't take things too seriously, and allows us to become true harbingers of chaos in an escalation of violence.

The action takes place in a combination of urban settings and areas where wildlife reigns supreme. It's a starting point similar to that of the last installment, but one that gains impetus - in Far Cry 6, everything can work against us.

It's a constant contrast that we will face without too much company, and starting from the premise that we are “an army of one soldier” against an antagonist who has “hundreds of thousands."

Far Cry 6: Gameplay Trailer

The weapon customization system will be of special relevance, and will deepen even more what we learned in Far Cry 5 -- and which puts some unthinkable devices into our hands.

There's the viral disc launcher that plays Macarena, and there will even be handmade backpacks with different effects -- even a mortar that launches missiles automatically.

In short, Far Cry 6 will be the pinnacle of the half-joke-half-philosophy style that Ubisoft has gone for in this series.

Dani Rojas Presentation

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