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The new Battlefield will be revealed tomorrow

The new Battlefield will be revealed tomorrow

After months of rumors and leaks, we are finally getting an official showcase of the next Battlefield.

The new Battlefield will be revealed tomorrow

A few days ago, we told you the latest about what seems to be the next Battlefield entry, "Battlefield 2042". However, there have been rumors and leaks for months now, about the game's near future setting, the scale of the battles and other details.

However, the lack of official information is about to end. Tomorrow EA and DICE are showing their new project for everybody. As a interesting marketing campaign, they changed the franchise Twitter's profile with distorted images. Even if you search the previous entries on other platforms, you will notice something "funny".

Source: Twitter - Battlefield 2042
Source: Xbox - Battlefield 2042
Source: Steam - Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 6 video leaks, rumours suggest July alpha

An internal EA video described as the Battlefield 6 reveal trailer has leaked on Reddit, while a prominent Battlefield leaker suggests the alpha for the game could come in a matter of weeks.

Rumours suggest Battlefield 2042 is the title of EA's next instalment

Tom Henderson is once again at the center of leaks about the latest instalment of Battlefield. Like other rumours that have circulated, the title suggests a near-future setting.

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