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LoL: Zilean will be receiving some changes to his VFX

LoL: Zilean will be receiving some changes to his VFX

League of Legends Patch 11.14 is on its way, and with it Zilean will be getting some "low scope" changes to his VFX

LoL: Zilean will be receiving some changes to his VFX

League of Legends hasn’t always been as popular as it is today — and in the past resources were not as plentiful either. So this left some champions behind, and in serious need of an update, whether that be skills or VFX.

There have been many complete reworks, like Dr Mundo a few weeks ago, and then are the champions who have great skills, but maybe don’t look as good as they could. So, now it’s time to give Zilean a makeover to bring his base animations more in line with “his Legends of Runeterra aesthetics.”

Sirhaian, senior developer at Riot Games, recently uploaded a new video showing off Zilean’s new looks. Instead of his old, slow basic attack the graphics will be more recognisable and so make this attack easier to time.

These changes will be implemented in Patch 11.14.

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