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LoL: Irelia will receive some changes in the next patch

LoL: Irelia will receive some changes in the next patch

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LoL: Irelia will receive some changes in the next patch

Over the past few months we’ve seen a fair few updates for the League of Legends champions. With visual and playable improvements, as well as stagnant projects finally coming to fruition – like Tahm Kench. And now it seems, the next in line is Irelia.

Phlox, a designer on Summoner's Rift, tweeted the list of tentative changes yesterday. 


Not only will Irelia be receiving a new skin, she will also receive changes to all of her skills. We’ve made a list of all the changes below:


P - Ionian Fervor

Reduction of loads

Reduced required loads : 5 >>> 4

Attack speed per stack adjusted : 8-16% >>> 7.5 - 20%

Damage increased : 15 - 66 (+ 25% AD) >>> 10-61 (+ 30% AD)

Q - Sword Slam

Now climb by level!

Speed: speed of movement + 1500 (significantly reduced)

Base Minion Damage: 55-135 >>> 55 +12 per level

W - Defiant Dance

Destined to stop other AD champions?

Adjusted Damage Reduction : 50% (+ 7% / 100 AP) >>> 40-80% Physical and 20-40% Magical based on level.

Damage increased : 20-140 (+ 100% AD) + (80% AP) >>> 30-290 (+ 150% AD) (+ 120% AP)

E - Impeccable Duo

More consistent, but less decisive

Projectile now takes 0.25 seconds. in launching

Cannot be used during Q

It cannot be used when we are under a CC

R - Edge of the Vanguard

A very interesting passive

NEW : Reduces Q's cooldown by 0.5 / 1.5 / 2.5 seconds. before applying Skill Speed.

These changes will be applied with Patch 11.14, though you will be able to try them out already in the PBE. 

Riot Games has yet to clarify exactly what the goal of all of these changes will be, but  the reduction of some magic resistance capabilities seems to suggest that it could be a situational alternative against attack damage midlaners, and stay in the top lane.

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