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LoL: Riot releases a copyright-free album we can all use

LoL: Riot releases a copyright-free album we can all use

Riot Games has launched a new Twitter account dedicated to its music, and League of Legends fans are already talking about a new release from the game's various bands.

LoL: Riot releases a copyright-free album we can all use

League of Legends may be a video game, but has slowly become more and more recognised for having some of Riot Games' biggest hits in the form of music over recent years.

The developer's first foray was with Pentakill, which has since been joined by True Damage and K/DA. All have been deemed resounding successes that were able to overcome a good number of initial critics, and each have established themselves as some of the title's greatest forays into pop culture, accumulating millions of views.

Are musical groups returning to League of Legends?

Riot Games could be preparing the return of one of its music groups, or even developing a new one. The developer recently created a Twitter account for its musical products.

This comes at a time where fans are on the edge of their seats waiting for news relating to the Sentinels of Light event that is just around the corner.

This new Twitter account promises to represent “K / DA, True Damage, Pentakill and more” -- which is obviously getting fans excited due to the prospect of new fictional groups and music.

This new Twitter account hasn't made any kind of announcement so far, instead posting a few introductory tweets that have quickly gone viral.

However, this lack of information has not stopped the community from speculating about what's to come; including the possible return of Pentakill in the coming weeks.

With Pentakill having some, at least thematic, connections to the Ruined Isles, it is plausible for them to release new content to coincide with the Ruination event. The developer has already announced they'd be making a return, and the real musicians behind the group of even put on a prominent performance as part of the LCS Spring Finals' opening ceremony.


Since that initial account creation, Riot Games has released its first initiative into the world of music. This is Sessions, a 'safe-for-streaming' playlist.

This is the first drop, and features an instrumental session of nearly two hours. The album, titled "Vi", has 37 songs which have been created in collaboration with a total of 24 artists.

The idea of this album is to support content creators, specifically streamers, by providing copyright-free music for them to use -- allowing fans to use these tunes without fear of copyright claims that could demonetise their content.

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