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The rarest skins you can get in League of Legends

The rarest skins you can get in League of Legends

Not only are they Riot’s primary source of revenue in its free-to-play MOBA, skins are collectibles to many and a chance to show off a little style for others in League of Legends.

The rarest skins you can get in League of Legends

Most League of Legends skins are easily available in the store, and Legacy skins which cannot be purchased are usually up for grabs in special events — but there are some skins which are so rare that have become impossible to obtain, and it’s likely you may never have even seen them in Summoner’s Rift.

This situation is mostly due to a decision made by Riot Games to stop the sales of rare skins on other platforms. The system which was in place was disabled due to the obvious abuse and the absurdly inflated prices from the owners of these skins.

There are also skins which could only be obtained by veteran League players, such as rewards for playing the beta version, registering before a specific date, or reaching certain ranks during early seasons.

We put together a list of some of the rarest skins you could see in League of Legends.

Victorious Appearances

Victorious Skins aren't easy to come by - League of Legends
Victorious Skins aren't easy to come by

These skins are awarded to players who reach Gold during a season of League of Legends, excluding almost 60% of the players who play ranked games throughout the year, and many of the players who choose not to participate in ranked mode.

The Victorious skins have been around since the first season, with the rarest of them being Jarvan, Janna, and Elise. Considering the increase in the number of League players since the early seasons, it makes sense that the Victorious Skins from the first three season would be among the rarest.

The roster of unique Victorious skins is completed by Morgana, Sivir, Maokai, Graves, Oriana, Aatrox, and Lucian.

Silver Kayle

Silver Kayle, an old skin that became highly coveted - League of Legends
Silver Kayle, an old skin that became highly coveted

The Silver Kayle is extremely rare, as it was a launch promotion for the physical edition of League of Legends, which was available at Best Buy.

Appearance wise, Silver Kayle is a little dated, since the skin at the time was little more than a recolour — exchanging the yellow and white for blue and silver . Truth be told, the rework improved the champion tremendously. At the time the SIlver Kayle was a highly coveted skin and reached a value of $130 .

Silver Kayle in the game - League of Legends
Silver Kayle in the game

PAX Skins

Pax skins are some of the most desired in the community - League of Legends
Pax skins are some of the most desired in the community

PAX Skins are some of the most coveted in all of League of Legends. Hand-delivered by Riot during 2010 and 2011 at PAX events, these skins were spectacular — especially with being released at a time when elaborate skins weren’t quite the norm. Twisted Fate, Sivir and Jax received these skins.

These skins were in high demand from collectors, and Riot decided to discontinue them due to the speculation and price inflation around them — in fact, codes which hadn’t been redeemed weren’t honoured. There is no way to get these skins now.

League of Legends
League of Legends
League of Legends

Rusty Blitzcrank

A skin doesn't have to be too pretty to be successful - League of Legends
A skin doesn't have to be too pretty to be successful

The Rusty Blitzcrank didn’t look much different from the original character, and was eventually removed from the store for not being of a high enough quality. You would think that skin wouldn’t be as popular due to those reasons, and yet it is one of the most coveted. The price of the skin has reached around $200.

Rusty Blitzcrank - League of Legends
Rusty Blitzcrank

King Rammus

One of the most loved cosmetics - League of Legends
One of the most loved cosmetics

This Rammus skin is one of the most exclusive in all of League of Legends, and it’s obvious why. Inspired by Bowser, it was a great skin — and it was only available to players who played the League of Legends Beta.

In fact, the skin was so popular that a passionate Rammus gamer took to Reddit to request to borrow the skin for his birthday, unfortunately Riot dismissed the request but they did provide the opportunity to play with a few rioters as a consolation prize.

King Rammus - League of Legends
King Rammus

UFO Corki

More difficult than seeing an alien - League of Legends
More difficult than seeing an alien

Corki has several iconic skins, and this UFO one was joined by Red Baron Corki and Ice Toboggan Corki. This skin was only available to those who had LoL before June 14, 2010.

UFO Corki - League of Legends
UFO Corki

Human Ryze and Triumphant Ryze

League of Legends

Ryze has had a few reworks, and he has two rare skins. The Human Ryze skin — now known as Young Ryze — was only available to those who purchased the physical, a feat managed by a select few.

Triumphant Ryze is another rare skin that is almost impossible to obtain, being gifted to players who win a sponsored tournament — meaning it’s limited to a small percentage of top players.

The skins in game - League of Legends
The skins in game

Black Alistar

It looks more like a Chroma - League of Legends
It looks more like a Chroma

Black Alistar has always been a favorite among collectors. As was the case the Rusty Bliltzcrank, this skin doesn’t look too different from the original champion — seemingly only a recolor of his original skin.

Somehow despite its simplicity, Black Alistar is one of the most sought-after and reached a value of more than $200.

Black Alistar - League of Legends
Black Alistar

Urf the Manatee Warwick

Urf the Manatee - League of Legends
Urf the Manatee

This skin was initially an April Fools joke played by Riot — the skin was released at an exorbitant price at the time but players were charged RP not actual currency. Riot later re-released the skin at a price of 150,000 Blue Essence, and thought some players were able to get a hold of it, it is still one of the rarest skins in the game.

League of Legends
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