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LoL: New Graves skin gives a nod to Twisted Fate, though Riot still denies they are a couple

LoL: New Graves skin gives a nod to Twisted Fate, though Riot still denies they are a couple

The latest Sentinel of Light skin for Graves gives a nod to the most important bromance in all of Runeterra

LoL: New Graves skin gives a nod to Twisted Fate, though Riot still denies they are a couple

Akshan may be the centre of attention as the new League of Legends champion, but there are plenty of other things to look forward to in the Sentnels of Light event. The latest announcement is a skin for Graves — and it seems that it contains a hidden Easter egg that reveals more about the champion’s history. 

Although it is not officially a romance, the lore tells of the relationship Graves has with Twisted Fate — and one of the writers who dealt with the recent appearances of these two confirmed that her intention was for them to be a couple.


"We wanted to unite Twisted Fate with his skin, and what seemed best to us was with his death: Graves will have a blue card and TF will teleport him before he dies, to make sure he is okay. You have no idea what I begged for this to happen, " explains Sirhaian, Riot Games' VFX artist for League of Legends in a string of tweets about the champion.

We first saw the blue card being used by Twisted Fate in the cinematic of Tales of Runeterra that dealt with Bilgewater. 

Whether Riot Games will go beyond the bromance and confirm an actual romance between the two remains to be seen.

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