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LoL: Akshan release has been delayed

LoL: Akshan release has been delayed

Akshan, the new League of Legends champion, had everyone eagerly awaiting the release with Patch 11.14 — but it looks like we’ll be waiting a little longer still.

LoL: Akshan release has been delayed

Update [07/08 12:40]

The game client shows the official release date for Akshan on July 22.

Update [07/07 16:59]

Riot Games has officially unveiled Akshan and his abilities, confirming Akshan's release date in patch 11.15.

When will Akshan be available?

Initially expected with version 11.14 on July 8, it looks like we won’t be seeing Akshan until patch 11.15 in League of Legends.

Generally Riot Games presents a new champion in a trailer, and then adds a detailed description of skills included in the PBE cycle. From there, it usually takes a couple of weeks before it finally hits the League of Legends servers a day or two after the corresponding update is released.

However, the official Riot Games patch 11.14 schedule does not seem to have any trace of the expected Akshan. There are a lot of new skins instead, which leads us to the conclusion that Akshan will not be included in this update.

In summary, the sequence of events would be as follows:

Champion Information and Abilities Revealed: Before July 7
Premiere on PBE: Between Wednesday, July 7 and Thursday, July 8
Premiere on the live server: Starting July 21

We still have hopes that we might see him released in the next few weeks, and as always we will keep you updated!

The new skins, an impediment to the premiere of Akshan - League of Legends
The new skins, an impediment to the premiere of Akshan

Regardless, we also have a somewhat more positive scenario in sight in which Riot could bypass the usual League of Legends margins to bring us the champion mid-cycle on the test server and release it on July 8. However, knowing the developer, it seems very unlikely that they will finally make that decision. At least, for such a special release for the game, we can hope for that possibility.

LoL: Akshan’s hook ability was originally developed for Camille

The latest League of Legends champion’s abilities could have gone in a very different direction, considering his iconic ability was originally part of Camille’s kit.

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