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LoL: Akali stuck in infinite loop between competitive and ranked play

LoL: Akali stuck in infinite loop between competitive and ranked play

Akali is one of the most troublesome champions in League of Legends. Since her rework, she has become one of those that is too good at competitive and disastrous in ranked matches, making for a vicious cycle that Riot cannot solve

LoL: Akali stuck in infinite loop between competitive and ranked play

When it comes to League of Legends, how well a champion plays largely depends on the skill level of the players. There are champions that are not suited to playing ranked games, while others are too difficult to use without the right skill level. This has pretty much always been the case, and without too many issues — but recently there’s been a rise in champions who do not work in ranked games and completely dominate the competitive system.

These are Akali's stats throughout the competitive season (GamesofLegends) - League of Legends
These are Akali's stats throughout the competitive season (GamesofLegends)

Akali: The Unsolvable Problem

There’s one in particular who stands out when we think of this issue: Akali. Since the rework was released the champion has somewhat unsettled Riot Games. The developer released a playable patch which did not achieve what they had set out to do, and so the nerf that arrived in Patch 11.14 was inevitable. 

The problem arises when considering Akali's performance in ranked matches. She hasn’t had a particularly good time in League of Legends, and now she’s taken a blow that has caused the ratio of games won to decrease to a win rate of only 46.5%. 

A mediocre champion in SoloQ - League of Legends
A mediocre champion in SoloQ

Riot Games' approach to characters like Akali is to reduce their 'counterplay' as the  player’s skill increases.  An issue that has become an almost cyclical failure of League of Legends, and doesn’t seem to have a resolution. 

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