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LoL: Upcoming changes to the Rank Emblems and Regalia

LoL: Upcoming changes to the Rank Emblems and Regalia

Riot Games have recently announced some changes to the League of Legends interface to allow for more customisation, including a remodel of the Rank Emblems

LoL: Upcoming changes to the Rank Emblems and Regalia

Riot Games confirmed that the customization of accounts on League of Legends would be a focus this year. Alongside introducing new features such as titles, identity crystals and progression identity changes, one of the main focuses will be the Ranked Emblems and Regalia. These will be receiving a complete overhaul.

This would be the new League of Legends ranks (helmets would be removed) - League of Legends
This would be the new League of Legends ranks (helmets would be removed)

A Whole New Look 

Ranked Emblems are some of the most easily recognisable in the game, however Riot is planning to update these. 




...our primary goal is to make sure that we’re not diminishing the sense of value and achievement, no matter what the tier. Additionally, we’re being very careful to explore options that retain the recognizability of the tiering at a glance and ensuring that the older, intricate, metallic style translates seamlessly into something equally as impressive.

The developer has looked into possible changes to the bulky textures of the emblems, creating a key piece of the identity of the players. Riot Games wants to be particularly cautious with these changes, though they are determined that modifications need to be made, they have not yet determined what they will be and are waiting to receive feedback from the League of Legends community before making a decision. 

Riot is introducing titles, identity crystals and more to League of Legends

Big changes were promised by Riot this year, get ready for a whole host of changes to the League of Legends interface

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