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LoL: Tahm Kench is now the best champion in the game

LoL: Tahm Kench is now the best champion in the game

After the latest adjustments, Riot Games has managed to fix Tahm Kench’s performance problems, and now the champion dominates League of Legends.

LoL: Tahm Kench is now the best champion in the game

There have been endless changes in League of Legends over the past few weeks. One of those being the rework of Tahm Kench, modifying his abilities and making him the best champion in the top lane.

Following the modifications in Patch 11.14, Tahm Kench's win rate rose to 53.16% in ranked matches. Though the champion still doesn't shine as support, he has found his position in the top lane  in the support position, he has found a space in the top lane — which was the developers intention after the rework. 


Tahm Kench has become the Monster of Top Lane (via LoLalytics) - League of Legends
Tahm Kench has become the Monster of Top Lane (via LoLalytics)

Tahm Kench now has a pick ratio of 3.6%, but he is one of the most misaligned characters in League of Legends. A situation that won’t be rectified anytime soon, as the character has been nerfed in Patch 11.15 — which is now available on the PBE server.

Fortunately, the situation is relatively easy to fix - it's just a question of Riot balancing out the numbers to adjust the winrate, rather than having to address Tahm Kench's abilities themselves.

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