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LoL: Forgotten rune can help win lanes in just a few minutes

LoL: Forgotten rune can help win lanes in just a few minutes

Even a rune long forgotten can be key to winning a game of League of Legends.

LoL: Forgotten rune can help win lanes in just a few minutes

Although Riot Games it putting in obvious effort to increase the number of viable strategies in League of Legends, some of its additions are soon completely forgotten by players.

Whether it's excessive complexity or the high mechanical demand of a feature, sometimes an idea soon falls from the indended result from the developers to being condemned and forgotten by the playerbase.

The forgotten rune you must start using

Future's Market is one of those elements that could come under that description. However, it appears it could have more uses than were previously apparent.

Nick "LS" De Cesare, a leading League of Legends analyst and content creator for T1, has put forward a new strategy that uses the rune as a touchstone to win the laning phase in just four minutes.

Not all champions can take advantage of this novel strategy, which focuses on accelerating peak strength in the solo lanes -- it only works in very specific cases.

The LS theory states that the purchase of Lost Chapter is crucial for the mages that are so popular in League of Legends, giving rise to a pressure advantage that generates small positional opportunities and gold differences that can end up putting the entire enemy team at a disadvantage.

The problem when applying this theory in ranked games is the difficulty of predicting confrontations. However, in those cases we can apply it correctly, you'll only need five full minion waves in order to earn enough to purchase the item and return to the lane using Teleport, leaving your lane rival unable to compete.

Control mages are best at using this strategy - League of Legends
Control mages are best at using this strategy

You also have to take into account the additional weaknesses that this entails, since it implies starting the game with a relative disadvantage compared to the opponent in favor of achieving a peak in the fourth minute of the game.

It's a strategy that is also only valid in lane matchups between two mages. However, it is another way of approaching a game of League of Legends with the aim of securing creep advantage.

The champions LS recommends using this strategy with are:

  • Characters who want to buy Sheen as soon as possible
  • Characters who build Lost Chapter in mage vs mage matchups
  • Characters in need of Sorcerer's Boots
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