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LoL: Bug turns Sion into a tower with legs

LoL: Bug turns Sion into a tower with legs

League of Legends is as well known for its bugs as it is the game's esports scene, multiple champions, and game modes, and this particular bug is a fun one. In ARAM mode, a player has seen his Sion turn into a roving tower.

LoL: Bug turns Sion into a tower with legs

An error that makes it impossible to enter games and results in lost LP, Azir bugs in the middle of an LCS match, or a client error that sends you from ARAM to competitive SoloQ -- it's not uncommon for League of Legends players to face the little jokes of the client fruit of a tangled game code.

Sometimes infuriating, sometimes hilarious, bugs in League of Legends are our bread and butter. There's rarely a game goes by devoid of all possible bugs.

This time round the bug occurred in ARAM mode. Luckily, it's a visual glitch that doesn't affect the game too much, but it's hilarious to see just how one player literally turned into a walking tower.

Sion, the walking tower

According to a user on the League of Legends subreddit, who claims to be the player in the video, this error occurred thanks to an accidental link with Kalista while Sion was in his passive form.

"I died under the tower and our Kalista, either by accident or on purpose, used the spear there, which I probably accidentally clicked while trying to kill someone with my passive, " Prism0o0 commented.

"After that, I couldn't use the gestures anymore, my hammer got stuck in my throat and the basic animation turned me into a walking Empire State Building. It continued for a few minutes after this video stopped, nothing special stopped it, it just disappeared".

The player was equipped with the Worldbreaker skin, one of whose animations makes a large tower appear from the ground before being smashed by the Colossus. When the animation ended, instead of disappearing, Sion became the tower.

It remained stuck in this form until the error disappeared on its own. It doesn't seem to be a bug that can be replicated easily due to the Sion and Kalista factor, but it is striking to say the least.

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