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LoL: Aphelios is the latest off-meta toplane pick

LoL: Aphelios is the latest off-meta toplane pick

While the top lane isn't the Aphelios' most common position, it seems to be working out well for him

LoL: Aphelios is the latest off-meta toplane pick

One of the most positive aspects of the evolution of League of Legends is that champions are viable in more than one position — meaning players are finding more ways to use champions, and even ending up in ranked games with unexpected picks. 

Aphelios: An Off-meta Toplane Pick

One of the most recent discoveries has been Aphelios in top lane, though he's better known for support in the bottom lane. A handful of players have been experimenting, and found that using the right combination of items and facing off against less dangerous rivals makes him more than competent in the top lane. 

Aphelios stats - League of Legends
Aphelios stats

Though using Aphelios in the top lane hasn't become overly popular yet, some players have taken advantage of this strategy to move up the leader board and reach high ranks. 

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